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Announcing The First Annual VPNReviewz Provider Awards

AwardThe last year has been quite a busy one on the privacy/anonymity front. So many developments, advances, and even revelations, have occurred in the last 12 months, that when it comes to the internet and privacy, I couldn’t even begin to summarize even a good quantity of them for this article. No matter what I did, the list seemed lacking. But one thing was for sure after reviewing all the “occurrences:” it has never been so important as it is now for a person to do everything possible to protect their privacy.

And here at VPNReviewz we do our level best to make sure that the providers that we list are nothing short of grade A. But there are the good, great, and the truly great…and that’s what this post is about, the truly great. In the next few weeks we will be awarding some of the providers we list with an esteemed VPNReviewz Provider Awards. The awards will be given to the provider that, (in our humble opinion,) has performed the best, over the last year, in the category the award will be presented for. The following is the list of categories that we have decided to work with so far, and a basic summary of what we are looking for in each category. And now, on to the categories…

  • Best Deal VPN – This category will be for the provider that may not necessarily be the cheapest, but the ones that offer the little extras along with the regular service. These extras could be anything from online storage to premium access to another providers services.
  • Best Overall Premium VPN This provider has to offer great prices as well as speeds, a large number of possible IPs, and customer service that is out of this world.
  • Most Bang For The Buck VPN – This will be the provider that gives you the most value for the hard earned dollars you are spending with them. We also demand that customer service be outstanding in this category, too.
  • Best N. American Based Provider – Only the best VPN based in the US, Canada, and Mexico can win this one. Logging requirements are taken into account when this category is judged.
  • Best European Based Provider – The best VPN provider based in Europe will win this one. Here logging policies are looked into also.
  • Best Asian Based Provider – Only VPNs based in Japan, China, Korea, Viet Nam, or another Asian country will win this category. Logging policies will count in this category also.
  • Best Priced VPN – Not only does the low price count, but the quality of service, number of IPs available, and connection speeds are taken into consideration. 

That’s the 7 categories for our very first Annual VPNReviewz Provider Awards. We’ll be posting the winners for each of the categories in the coming weeks, so check back to see of your provider has received an award…

We also welcome comments and suggestions, so if you thought there was a category we missed, should add, or a provider you think worthy of a special mention, send us a note here, through our contact page.

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