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How to Stop VPN Disconnects

How to Stop VPN DisconnectVPNs provide great privacy protection but, just as is the case with any other networking technology, VPN technology sometimes has issues. One of the most common, unfortunately, can completely compromise your privacy.

VPN connections sometimes drop unexpectedly. VPN software is usually designed so that it will reconnect but, until it does, you’re out there surfing completely transparently and don’t have any sort of encryption providing privacy protection.

There are solutions to this. There’s really no way to make sure your VPN service stays connected at all times. Providers do a good job of building reconnection features into their clients, but you still have to take measures to preserve your privacy. That starts by assuming that your VPN connection will drop from time to time and that you might not even know it’s happened.

Shutting Down the Programs

The best solution is to use a utility that shuts down software if the VPN connection drops momentarily. Some options include:

Any of these will shut down programs or block internet access outright if your VPN connection goes down. Unfortunately, these utilities only work on Windows and, in the case of VPNCheck, Windows and Linux. Mac users can take a look at the following utility at UGDSOFT – http://www.ugdsoft.com/products/vpnwatcher.

Check Your Applications

Some applications have built-in features that allow you to set up the networking so that it will only work through the VPN connection. This gets very complex, but there are instructions online for most of the popular torrent downloaders and other utilities out there.

The Most Secure Solution

If you’re very tech savvy, you can actually set up your operating system so that it keeps you safe if your VPN should drop. The instructions for Windows and Linux are complex and you’re likely to get a bit frustrated if you don’t have some fairly substantial networking know-how. It is doable, however, and you should be able to figure it out if you’re patient.

The utilities are, by far, the easiest way to go as far as protecting your VPN connection. If you’re uploading or downloading on an application and the VPN drops, the application will simply shut down. You’ll be unprotected until your VPN reconnects, but you won’t be putting out any traffic that might get you noticed.

This little bit of knowledge and some freeware solutions can really go a long way toward making your Internet browsing more private and secure.

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