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Hulu Begins Blocking VPN Users

Hulu Begins Blocking VPNHulu, responding to what is likely entertainment industry pressure, started blocking VPN users from being able to access their content. The block is intended to stop users in nations outside the US from using VPN connections to get around geo-restrictions on content. However, anyone using a VPN in the US is also affected, and that means that there are a lot of users who have industry approval to view the content on Hulu who cannot, unless they want to turn off their secure connection.

The Problem

TorGuard and  Private Internet Access  have all been affected by this. In testing, IPVanish was also affected by this. The VPN providers, however, have already started to deal with it. Some of them have contacted Hulu to try to resolve the problem and others are simply looking at getting more IP addresses, which haven’t been recognized as part of their service yet.

VPN users can also ask their providers for a dedicated IP. This will let them get into Hulu and, according to reporting in TorrentFreak(http://torrentfreak.com/hulu-blocks-vpn-users-over-piracy-concerns-140425/), many users have already started asking VPN providers for such an address.

In the meantime, you may want to check your own VPN to see if Hulu has blocked it. If it has, consider contacting your VPN provider about the matter. You may also want to send feedback to Hulu, because they’re causing a problem that they themselves don’t seem to be willing to solve.

Not a Secure Site

Hulu does not use HTTPS connections when viewers are watching movies. This means that the traffic is not encrypted. VPN connections, in addition to web traffic, encrypt all of the other traffic a user’s computer is generating, which is a significant privacy and security benefit, of course.

The good news is that your VPN provider has probably already found out about this and that they’re likely to be figuring out solutions right now. Hulu is remarkable for the amount of piracy it prevents, but it certainly is defeating that benefit in shutting out those who simply want to surf with security and privacy.

For the moment, Hulu is blocking both VPNs and anonymous proxies. On their website, they put up a notice stating that contractual obligations had necessitated the move and, if you can’t get on Hulu because of a proxy or a VPN, you’ll have to turn it off before you’ll be able to watch video on the site.

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