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Iranian Authorities Arrest VPN Seller

Iranian Authorities Arrest VPN SellerThe site NCR-Iran.org reports that a VPN seller within Iran has been arrested by authorities. The report details that the seller was arrested by the cyberpolice in Iran in the province of Zanjan, which lies in the northern part of the nation.

The Arrest

Police investigated the seller, who remains unnamed, and collected digital documents as evidence. According to the reporting, the seller was confronted with these documents and confessed to having sold VPN access.

Suppressing Dissent

Iran has a long history of disrupting access to the Internet for its citizens. The regime has set up its own VPN services and encouraged citizens to use them, but these are not actual VPN services in the true sense. These VPN services merely encrypt information between the computer and the government servers. Government agents are still free to read the information that passes through the server and to filter out websites that are banned by the Islamic government.

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List of Leading VPN Poviders

According to the website, Iran is one of the most sophisticated of states when it comes to filtering out access to the Internet. They have been actively shutting down access to VPN services of late, and some believe this is because they fear a repeat of the political turmoil that characterized the last elections in the nation. A great deal of police brutality and other acts of violence against citizens perpetrated by the government was documented on the Internet, giving people around the world a rare glimpse inside the nation and the tactics of the regime in power of the nation and giving the regime itself some embarrassing exposure of those tactics.

VPN in Restricted Nations

There is little information about the arrest on the Internet, not too surprisingly. Despite the free nature of the Internet, nations such as Iran and China have been very successful in suppressing citizen access and in monitoring those who use the Internet to voice dissenting opinions.

While the government claims that its communications authorities are going to look over the policies that they have put in place, they only seem to be getting more repressive and more brutal as time goes on.

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