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PRISM and NSA Revelations, Consider a VPN

PRISM and NSA Revelations Consider a VPNPRISM was recently revealed as a US Government program, run by the National Security Agency (NSA) that actively spies upon the Internet usage of Americans. The term “Americans”, in this context, means Americans in general, not specific Americans. This is a huge departure from how information is typically monitored in this nation and, according to many concerned parties, an outright violation of the 4th Amendment rights of every American. You can protect yourself online, but it requires VPN technology to do it.

How it Works

If you happened to be a worker at the NSA, you’d spend a lot of time encrypting information so that it could not be read by anyone except the intended recipient. If you work or have worked for a company that required you to connect to a company server from a remote location, there was likely encryption involved that thwarted hackers from intercepting credentials and other vital information. That same encryption technology is available to any citizen who wants it via VPN services.

A VPN service encrypts any and all data leaving a computer and does the same to any information being returned to that computer. This makes it, for all intents and purposes, impossible to read the information as it’s being sent. This is the single best way that everyday people have to protect their privacy online at present. It has other benefits, as well.

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Other Concerns

Before it was revealed that the NSA is simply sweeping up information on Internet users without any legal restrictions or transparency to hinder them, it was already known that ISPs are monitoring Internet traffic at the behest of the entertainment industry. This program involves a 6-strikes policy that eventually ends with the user losing their Internet service. A VPN prevents your ISP from being able to read your data.

A VPN also conceals where you’re located by giving you an IP address other than that of your computer. All in all, a VPN is the best thing you can have if you don’t want to be watched online.

Any of our preferred providers offer excellent services. Golden Frog, provider of VyprVPN, recently released a statement revealing that they maintain their own infrastructure and do not participate in PRISM. The co-founder of the company, in fact, publically and strongly objects to it in every regard. VPN companies on the whole have a commitment to user privacy and, by using their services, you may be able to keep your data out of the hands of people who are determined to spy on you, whether they’re government agency employees or corporate lackeys at ISPs.

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