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PrivateTunnel Review

Headquartered in California, PrivateTunnel provides a metered VPN service that is easy to understand and use. Private Tunnel supports OpenVPN only and is limited to endpoints in 3 countries only.

PrivateTunnel is associated with the OpenVPN technologies group aka the same company that developed the popular and open source OpenVPN standard.


A speed test will be coming soon.

Pricing Plans

PrivateTunnel prices its products based on usage, rather than pricing is based on monthly plans. This allows you to get away with customizing the product to suit your needs perfectly.

The pricing plan works as follows:

  • 100 megabytes for free
  • 50 gigabytes for $12
  • 100 gigabytes for $20
  • 500 gigabytes for $50

Payment Methods

PrivateTunnel accepts payment over credit cards, PayPal and Google checkout system.

Free Trial / Money Back Guarantee

Because of its different pricing structure, PrivateTunnel offers a different type of free trial service. You can download up to 100 megabytes of data over their system for free. After that, you have to move up to the 50 gigabytes per month service, which costs $12.

Coupons / Discount / Special Offers

There are no coupons or special offers available from PrivateTunnel.

Countries Supported

Support is offered in the United States, the UK and in Switzerland.

VPN Protocols Supported

OpenVPN Connect only

Number of IP Addresses

PrivateTunnel currently offers 1000 IP addresses for client usage. There are more IP addresses to be added to the service.

VPN Clients Information

PrivateTunnel supports most of the major operating systems. You can install the system on Mac OS and Windows or Linux. You can also use mobile devices, including iPhones, iPad and other Apple devices. Android is also supported.

Common Error Messages

  • E_NOLOGIN_ACCESS = https://privatetunnel.com/index.php/kb-using-private-tunnel/183-kb-enologinaccess.html
  • Certificate Revoked = https://privatetunnel.com/index.php/kb-using-private-tunnel/218-kb-certificate-revoked.html

Logging and Privacy Policy

Nothing beyond your username and the time you logged on or off of the system will be retained.

Legal Use / Torrent Policy

PrivateTunnel does not report any restrictions on the usage of its system.

PrivateTunnel vs. The Competition

PrivateTunnel has a great pricing structure that should be interesting to those who do not want to sign up for a monthly subscription.

Private Tunnel Conclusion

While PrivateTunnel is limited in the number of countries and protocols it supports, nonetheless we feel that are a valid alternative for users who do not want to signup for a monthly plan.

Also PrivateTunnel’s management and association with OpenVPN technologies reflects the level of quality in their service.

In short, a good service for those who are interested in OpenVPN and paying per bandwidth used.

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Editor Rating
4 stars
General Info
Best Price10
Coupon ?
Free Trial 100 MB
# of Servers 10
# of Countries 4
# of IP Addr. 1000+
Speed Fast
Bandwidth Metered
Since 2007

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1 Comment about PrivateTunnel Review

  1. Nico M. on September 30th, 2014

    A few statements you made are incorrect;

    “You can download up to 100 megabytes of data over their system for free. After that, you have to move up to the 50 gigabytes per month service, which costs $12.”

    “Support is offered in the United States, the UK and in Switzerland.” <Support is actually offered in USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden.

    Other than these points, a good review on a great service provided by those that authored the OpenVPN protocol!!

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