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Proxy-N-VPN Review

With headquarters in Spain, Proxy-N-VPN offers an option for people who want to take their VPN service offshore, and there are good reasons to do so, though there are US servers available from this company. The service currently offers several different types of proxies and shared VPN, in addition to private VPN, keeping their prices low. There are plenty of addresses to go around and the company has been in business since 2012.

Speed Test

VPN Speed test results for Proxy-N-VPN are coming soon.

Pricing Plans

There are two pricing plans available from this provider. They include:

  • Private VPN: $6,50
  • Shared VPN: $3,50

Forms of Payment

You can pay for your subscription using PayPal or 2CO.

Proxy-N-VPN Discounts / Coupons Codes / Special Offers

There is currently a 10% discount offer in effect for this service. Enter the code DISCOUNTPRO when you are prompted and you can take advantage of the reduced pricing.

Setup / How to use Proxy-N-VPN

You can use Proxy-N-VPN on Linux, Macintosh, iOS, Android and, of course, Windows machines. Set up is easy.

Proxy-N-VPN Server Locations

There is a total of 3,500 IP addresses available from this service. Servers are located in the US, though the company is located in Spain.

Proxy-N-VPN Protocol Support

Proxy-N-VPN supports the PPTP protocol for VPN encryption. This is less than ideal, of course, but it does provide some protection.

Proxy-N-VPN vs. The Competition

Proxy-N-VPN mainly competes on price. The offer shared VPN, so they can bring their prices down. Proxies are obviously less expensive than VPN service, since there is no encryption at all offered with those services.

Privacy and Security

Proxy-N-VPN only logs your username and password when you log into the system. Other than that, they don’t keep logs of your activity.

Usage Restrictions

There are no usage restrictions with this provider. You can download torrents as much as you’d like, in other words.

Proxy-N-VPN Errors

No errors reported.

Proxy-N-VPN Service Conclusion

Proxy-N-VPN definitely has some good things going for it, particularly where price is concerned. For users who want very strong encryption, however, PPTP is just not going to cut it. That protocol has been demonstrated to be breakable and it doesn’t provide adequate protection for very high-security endeavors. It does, however, provide enough security to bypass most bandwidth throttling and, because the service can be used with torrents, Proxy-N-VPN will likely appeal to some users.

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Editor Rating
4 stars
General Info
Best Price$6.50
Coupon ?10% off
Free Trial No Free Trial Available No
# of Servers 5+
# of Countries 5+
# of IP Addr. 3,500
Speed Fast
Bandwidth Unlimited
Since 2013

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