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Roll Your Own VPN

Roll Your Own VPNActually constructing a VPN from scratch is a complex endeavor. One option that’s just become available, however, uProxy, allows users to connect through the Internet through a secure connection provided by a friend. It’s easy to use and may offer another option for sharing secure connections.

How it Works

uProxy is browser based. It runs off of a browser extension, which both parties must have running. Not only does it run from a browser extension, it also doesn’t protect traffic other than surfing Internet sites. This is important, as many people use a regular VPN connection to protect all of their traffic and uProxy will not do that.

The user with the less secure connection, by way of the browser extension, routes their traffic through a more secure connection. This is similar to a VPN connection, but it’s not quite the same. It doesn’t carry with it any guarantee of anonymity, either. Your real IP may still be visible, so, while this is neither as anonymizing as Tor nor as secure as a VPN, it does offer some benefits, at least, in that the overall security of an otherwise unsecure Internet connection can be better protected. uProxy users are, essentially, piggybacking on their friend’s or family member’s secure connection.

Exploring Privacy Options

VPN providers are feeling pressure right now from government intrusion. Some of them have even cut their consumer services because of this. There are other ways, however, that users can secure their connections.

A VPN connection still provides the best privacy protection. For those truly worried about US government snooping, going out of nation with your service is one possible solution. A service that doesn’t log provides better privacy. Look for nations where the legal system is likely to ignore or even be hostile to US requests for information, such as Russia and Panama.

Using TOR is a good option for protecting anonymity, but traffic isn’t encrypted as it is on a VPN service.

If you have a secure connection and have a friend who doesn’t have the technical wherewithal to hook up a secure connection themselves, uProxy may provide a way to help. It also has great potential for people who want to route their mobile traffic through their own secure connection or who want to connect from a remote location from their home where they don’t trust the security. This is an easy way to basically make your own VPN network, provided you have one secure connection, and that gives it some compelling potential, to be certain.

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