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WorldVPN.net Review

WorldVPN.net is a VPN service provider that offers VPN services  (LT2P and PPTP only) via 50 server locations in more than 25 countries. They offer a variety of VPN packages : block, unlimited, dedicated and shared.

They are based out of Australia and has been in business since 2008.   They are a barebones service in the sense that their website  and general online presence seems neglected but their service does indeed work .

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WorldVPN.net Speed Test

On our Win XP SP/3  test machine we had no trouble connecting via PPTP. We did manage to test 2 U.S., 1 Russian, and 1 Hong Kong server  and while our page loads did suffer a little it was within normal ranges. As with all VPN’s, speed slowdowns are par for the course.

Pricing Plans/Coupons for WorldVPN

WorldVPN has a large variety of payment plans some of which are outlined below.

  • 1 shared U.S. IP, 10 GB access $4.99, unlimited $15.00
  • 1 dedicated U.S. IP, 10 GB access $10.00, unlimited $20.00
  • 1 shared UK IP, 10 GB access $6.00.
  • 1 dedicated UK IP, 20 GB access $12.00, unlimited $20.00.
  • 1 shared NL IP, 10 GB access $8.00.
  • 1 dedicated NL IP, 20 GB access $20

On all their access plans they offer discounts for paying every 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months in advance.

As of December 2011 they have a discount code xmas2012 for 25% off.

WorldVPN.net Setup 

WorldVPN setup procedures are manual but the VPN protocols are standard and apart from the time involved in manual setup their should be no problem.

WorldVPN.net Client Details

Only PPTP and LT2P protocols are supported by WorldVPN.  This maybe a definite negative for some people that would like to use OpenVPN or SSTP.

Also  no windows or mac clients are made available. So all configuration processes must be done manually.

WorldVPN.net Server Locations

While WorldVPN maybe weak in other areas they are strong in terms of server locations.  As mentioned elsewhere – worldvpn.net has servers in 56 countries including the U.S., UK, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Romania, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Russia. They have more than one server in many countries, (20 un Eurpoe,) and 57 servers in total.

On their blog, they sometimes run polls (currently closed) which ask “Which country would you like added next,” and “Which State or City in the USA would you most like added next?”

North Carolina and Switzerland were the latest winners.

Protocols Supported

Presently they only support PPTP and L2TP. In addition to protocols mentioned WorldVPN offers both static (dedicated) and dynamic (shared) IP’s

WorldVPN.net vs. The Competition

WorldVPN’s service which seems to compete on the number of countries available would be best compared to IAPS Security Service. In this comparison IAPS would be the clear winner as IAPS is only 20 short of covering every country in the world.

WorldVPN.net Errors

As we mentioned before  the service runs from the native client in your OS so errors encountered would presumably easily resolved or at least diagnosed in a standard manner.

In our brief test we encountered no errors.

Conclusion On WorldVPN.net

While WorldVPN.net isn’t a bad VPN provider we find them hard to categorize. If they are competing solely on the number of countries IAPS still wins in terms of countries and pricing and if you compare them in terms of ease of use or pricing we would instead recommend HideMyAss or ExpressVPN.

So while we might recommended other providers as a first choice WorldVPN appears to not be a bad choice.

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Editor Rating
4 stars
General Info
Best Price12
Coupon ?
Free Trial No Free Trial Available No
# of Servers 50
# of Countries 26
# of IP Addr. 2000+
Speed Good
Bandwidth Metered
Since 2010

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3 Comments about WorldVPN.net Review

  1. Yasser on April 8th, 2012

    I had one really aweful experience with those people!
    Their service is slower than a home DSL connection, packet loss is TERRIBLY high, and I paid for the highest price package (dedicated IP) and ended up with a private IP that is more likely shared!
    I have requested a refund but they refused to refund! I’ve reported them as fraudulent business because that’s what they really are!!

    NEVER EVER SUBSCRIBE TO THOSE GUYS!! Unless you have spare money to throw!

  2. Albert on May 28th, 2013

    The worst vpn i’ve ever used. Often disconnects. Support answers ~16-20 hrs \ answer. I loosed a lot of money, cause I can’t work due to downtimes of this vpn. Don’t recommend to any person.

  3. ABBEY ABBEY on January 21st, 2014


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