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Cryptocloud Review

Cryptocloud is a VPN solution with endpoints located in US, UK, Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Japan.  Cryptocloud has been in business since 2010 and supports the OpenVPN and PPTP protocols.
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Cryptocloud Speed Test

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Cryptocloud Speed Test

Like most VPN servers, Cryptocloud will be slightly slower than a traditional connection. However, you can still upload files quickly and easily with the Cryptocloud program.

Cryptocloud does seem to have a few more problems with speed than other types of VPN servers. The software seems to have a slight speed lag, but this problem can typically be corrected by speaking talking to a representative who can optimize your connection.

If you can find a server that you will be close to, this is the best way for you to increase the speed of your Cryptocloud.

Cryptocloud Pricing Plans

You can take advantage of the 7-day free trial with Cryptocloud so that you can test out the program and see how it works for you. Pricing plans are usually based on how many months you ant to activate your plan.

  • If you buy a 1-month package, you will pay $19.95.
  • A 3-month package costs $49.95
  • A 6-month package costs $99.95
  • 1-year plan costs $179.95

Cryptocloud Setup / How to Use Cryptocloud

Setting up Cryptocloud is done manually and while not very easy, it is not difficult either.  If you have setup a VPN connection before PPTP or OpenVPN then it should in fact be a piece of cake.

Installations diagrams and instructions are made available on Cryptocloud’s knowledgebase page.

Cryptocloud Server Locations

Servers are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Japan

Cryptocloud Protocols Supported

Cryptocloud also runs on all Operating Systems as configuration is done manually.

Cryptocloud vs. the Competition

While a very powerful security tool, Cryptocloud may want to put up a few more servers to help their clients get a better connection.  Also the pricing is a bit high when compared to some of the other options that are available on the market.

Cryptocloud Conclusion

CryptoCloud at $20/month and only five geographical locations seems a bit high priced for the VPN market. That said, they offer a good service and state publicly that they keep no logs of your actions online.  

Our recommendation would be to check out our list of best VPN service providers  first and remember that if you do decide to go with Cryptocloud that you have a 7 day free trial.

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Editor Rating
4 stars
General Info
Best Price12
Coupon ?
Free Trial 7 Days
# of Servers 8
# of Countries 5
# of IP Addr. 100+
Speed Good
Bandwidth Unlimited
Since 2010

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