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ibVPN Offers Routers

If you’re an ibVPN customer, you’ll be glad to know that the company is now partnering with ReadyRouters to offer a line of routers that are preconfigured for VPN usage. VPNs are becoming popular with everyday consumers at a very rapid rate and, because of that, there is a niche for products that help people get the most out of their VPN without having to learn the specifics of complex router configurations, port forwarding and so forth. These routers from ReadyRouters are ready to use with the ibVPN service right out of the box, meaning that they are essentially plug-and-play devices.


The routers that ibVPN is partnering with ReadyRouters to offer customers have a lot of the features that will likely go along with what today’s VPN users will need. For example, these routers are compatible with PC or Macintosh devices, as well as with Linux, meaning that they can be employed by any customer of ibVPN.

In addition to that flexibility, these routers are also compatible with mobile devices. As mobile devices have become more and more popular for online shopping, checking bank accounts and so forth, security concerns have become more pressing. These routers allow you to hook up to your home network with the same encryption you would get using a VPN on your desktop computer.

Streaming devices and smart TVs are also supported by the devices. The hardware is completely plug-and-play and you only need a single ibVPN account to use the router for multiple devices.


One of the biggest nuisances that has come out of the entertainment industry’s drive to control the Internet has been ISPs restricting traffic that goes to bit torrent sites. The ibVPN routers are set up for port forwarding, which allows you to enjoy improved privacy when you’re using peer-to-peer applications or when you’re using bit torrent. The VPN service will already encrypt your traffic so traffic shaping efforts will be essentially useless, but port forwarding offers you another means of keeping your privacy guarded from your ISP.

ibVPN is one of our top VPN providers and, as such, a new offer from them is always interesting. As more consumers start to develop an interest in using VPN services to enhance their privacy, it’s likely that these types of products – preconfigured, plug-and-play privacy enhancing products – will become more popular on the market and, of course, that they’ll be very popular with the consumers who need them.

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