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The Top VPN Providers with Canadian Addresses

One of the real advantages of having a VPN service is being able to watch television programming and to get access to other content that is geo-restricted. Geo-restricted content prevents people from outside of a particular nation or particular nations from being able to view it. Utilizing a VPN, you can get an address from inside the country that applies, allowing you to watch the content is if you were there. Canada has some great content that is geo-restricted and, with a good VPN provider, you can watch it as if you were in Canada.


Some of the most popular Canadian content includes the video services Global TV, Spacecast, TSN, City TV, Much Music, Start TV, CBC and CTV. The content that these broadcasters make available isn’t illegal to access from other nations, but it is discouraged by setting up geo-restriction. The only way to get around the geo-restriction is to have a Canadian IP address and, fortunately, some of our top providers can provide you with just that.


You’ll find Canadian IP addresses available from our top eight providers, which include:

Any one of these providers can give you private, fast and reliable access to geo-restricted content from Canada. Selecting a Canadian IP address is no more difficult than choosing from the options on the applications that come with these VPN provider’s services.

Why This Works

If this seems a little bit odd to you, realize that there’s nothing shady about accessing geo-restricted content in this way. The content is geo-restricted to Canadian IP addresses. When you use a VPN provider that offers you servers in Canada, you have a Canadian IP address whenever you choose to. Accessing geo-restricted content in this way is somewhat similar to going to Europe to buy a rare album and bringing it back to the US to listen to it. You’re not doing anything wrong by traveling to pick up the goods, in essence.

When your IP address comes from Canada, you are in Canada as far as any digital resource is concerned. Utilizing VPN services in this way can also allow traveling employees to access servers that may only be accessible from their home nation and to access other resources, as well. This is one of the primary uses for VPN services and, with speeds increasing all the time, watching streaming video and other content over a VPN connection doesn’t mean stutters or stoppages.

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