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Countries 14+
Servers 14+
IPs No info
Price $1/mnth
Payment: Credit Card
Protocols IPSec

VIATUN is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands. The Android application is brand-new, but the company has been in business since 2010. The company advertises that its mobile application can reduce data usage and provide privacy online, though these claims have yet to be tested.

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Speed Test

We will be conducting a speed test on the VIATUN service soon.

Pricing Plans

VIATUN has competitive pricing compared to other vendors. Their plans include:

viatun pricing plan 2015

Payment Methods

VIATUN accepts all methods of payment for its services.

Free Trial / Money Back Guarantee

The VIATUN Android application only requires that you complete a free registration to use it. There is a three-day free trial offered with the application.

Coupons / Discount / Special Offers

Discounts are offered for purchasing a longer period of service in advance.

Countries Supported

VIATUN offers servers located in the following:

Russian Federation
Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom
United States

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VPN Protocols Supported

L2TP/IPsec over mobile devices.

Number of IP Addresses

None Stated

VPN Clients Information

The VPN client that VIATUN offers is what differentiates it from most other providers. This client is designed for the Android mobile operating system and is available as a free download. The companies VPN service also supports Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and IOS devices.

Common Error Messages

Users have reported some difficulties with configuring the client and with accessing servers, though no specific errors have been reported. Any errors that you do have can be reported to technical support by e-mailing support@viatun.com.

Logging and Privacy Policy

The only records of user activity that VIATUN keeps are the login and logoff times and the username applicable to the client.

Legal Use / Torrent Policy

VIATUN does allow torrents to be used on their service. There are no specific restrictions on what type of services may be used on VIATUN.

VIATUN vs. The Competition

VIATUN is a VPN service for mobile devices, which puts it in rather exclusive company. An increasing amount of established VPN providers, however, are expanding their services to include private browsing features for mobile devices, so this may not always be a significantly differentiating feature between VIATUN and the other providers on the market.

VIATUN Conclusion

VIATUN is new and relatively untested compared to most VPN provider offerings out there. This makes it difficult to give an assessment of the reliability of their service. User reviews regarding the Android application have been mixed. Complaints have generally referred to not being able to contact a server or, specifically, not being able to contact a server located in the United States to defeat geo-restrictions on content.

Because this provider does restrict its services solely to mobile devices, it may be particularly interesting to those who do a lot of surfing on those devices or who simply rely upon them for business use and who want to make certain that their communications are encrypted. Overall, however, VIATUN does need more time to prove itself as a viable VPN service.

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1 Comment about VIATUN Review

  1. Dan on September 23rd, 2015

    I am not very tech savvy, and this service is the easiest to figure-out and to understand out of the half dozen other highly-rated services I’ve tried in the last couple days. It’s not a 3-day trial period, it’s a 5-day Free Trial and you get use of the Premium Servers. Registration & Login was a Breeze, and I was connected to a server in Great Britain within seconds. And I’m in the US. I’ve had absolutely no disconnects nor any spam emails nor any pop-up ads. This may be a new service, and their prices may be competitive, but the prices in my opinion are affordable and worthy of a Great Newcomer to a VAST list of Companies that have been around for while whose product is FAR more complicated to figure-out and understand to a non-techie like myself. I think, in all honesty, Viatun ought to be given serious consideration for ANYBODY looking for a quality product, and from what I’ve read, great customer service. I haven’t had this Viatun on my Samsung Galaxy S3 for more than an hour, but sofar I’m extremely impressed. And if all continues for the next 5 days as it has for the last hour, I will be purchasing a 1 year subsription to the Premium Service. Now, granted, I’m not an EXPERT on VPN Services nor am I an Expert on Internet Security, but if Viatun does what it says it will do, I will be one VERY Happy Camper. I think Viatun is very worthy of a VPNReviewz Full Service & Product Review. Thanks for letting me share.

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