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VPNDirect Review

VPNDirect is a relatively new company, having just started up in 2011. The company provides VPN access that offers encryption, plenty of IP addresses and a good selection of nations to choose from. The nations included in their server list include most of those that you’ll want to access to defeat any geographical restrictions on accessing entertainment content and other useful pages.

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Speed Test

VPNDirect will be tested for speed as soon as possible.

Pricing Plans

VPNDirect offers competitive pricing plans, comparable with what other VPN providers offer. Their pricing plans are sorted by the length of service you choose to buy. They include:

  • 30 days for $9.99
  • 90 days for $24.99
  • 180 days for $44.99
  • 365 days for $74.99

These are all unlimited bandwidth options.

Payment Methods

VPNDirect is a bit limited in terms of payment options compared to some other providers. You may pay for your VPN with the PayPal online payment service.

Free Trial / Money Back Guarantee

VPNDirect offers a 30 day free trial. There is no payment information required for you to take advantage of this trial.

Coupons / Discount / Special Offers

VPNDirect does not currently offer any discounts, coupons or special offers. There is, however, a free proxy server service that you can use on their homepage. It allows you to connect via SSL.

Countries Supported

VPNDirect currently have servers located in the following nations:

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Netherlands
  • USA

VPN Protocols Supported

VPNDirect supports the OpenVPN protocol on its servers.

Number of IP Addresses

VPNDirect currently has over 1,000 IP addresses available to their clients.

VPN Clients Information

VPNDirect offers a VPN client for the Windows operating system.

Common Error Messages

None reported.

Logging and Privacy Policy

VPNDirect does not store any information regarding user traffic on its servers.

Legal Use / Torrent Policy

VPNDirect does not have any specific policy regarding the use of torrent protocols on its servers.

BrandName vs. VPNDirect

VPNDirect has competitive prices compared to other vendors and offers unlimited bandwidth, which is a nice touch for people who like to use their VPN more or less full-time. The service, however, is limited in terms of protocols and in terms of operating system compatibility. This is not among the VPN services that can be put to use on your mobile device. The service is also limited in terms of protocols in that only the OpenVPN protocol is actually supported. While this may be the best protocol at present, users who prefer L2TP/IPSec VPN protection or the processor sparing PPTP protocol will not find them available.

VPNDirect Conclusion

VPNDirect definitely has good pricing plans. They are easily competitive with most of the other vendors out there, which means that they don’t need to be dismissed out of hand simply for having prices that are too high. The fact that there are no specific restrictions on the use of torrents and that they do not log user data are also both highly desirable features in a VPN provider. The lack of protocols, however, may affect some users negatively. The lack of support for mobile devices is also something that people using a VPN service to protect business communications will also want to take into consideration.

All in all, VPNDirect is a decent VPN provider that bears taking a look at.

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Editor Rating
4 stars
General Info
Best Price10
Coupon ?
Free Trial 30 Day
# of Servers 10+
# of Countries 5
# of IP Addr. 1,000
Speed Fast
Bandwidth Unlimited
Since 2004

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