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Watch The Sochi Olympics In Real Time From Anywhere

olympics logoIt’s no big secret that NBC has the monopoly on the airing of the XXII Winter Olympics. It’s also no big secret that the games are being taped and aired eight hours later in the US and a few other countries…but that makes for too many spoilers, and games of this magnitude are better enjoyed live. Like the folks in the UK, Canada, and other places are getting and enjoying. And at VPNReviewz, we understand you die-hard Olympic sports fans that want to see the action as it unfolds…we understand and completely sympathize with you. So…

There is the alternative, NBCOlympics.com. But, the feed can be sketchy because of overloaded servers, and you still get the obnoxious commentary from the NBC peanut gallery. The Canadian CBC and the UKs BBC2 are streaming a live feed, but you have to live in the right place…the UK or Canada. But, you can enjoy the same live performances though, that the UK and Canada are getting. It’s simple, use a VPN, with a server in a friendly location, to a stream the live video from either BBC2 of the UK or from CBC in Canada.

With a VPN connected to a server from a different country serving you the internet, you will appear to be in that country. For example: If you want to watch the Olympics on BBC2, you could use VyprVPN, (a favorite of the entire staff here at VPNReviewz,) connect to a British server, then watch the Olympics from the BBC2 live feed. It would appear to the feed servers that you were in the UK watching the Olympics.

Understand though, using a VPN your speed will suffers slightly, but not much with the right VPN. That’s how to get around the NBC geolocation monopoly and tape delay. Using a VPN you will be able to enjoy the exact same live Olympic performances that the rest of the world is getting without all the spoilers and commentary…

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