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Vpn and security related industry news

Obama Administration Still Seeking to Break Encryption

It’s a familiar crisis pitch on the part of the US government: give up your privacy or the terrorists win. The Obama administration and the FBI have been fighting mightily to find a way to break encryption. They claim they’re doing this so that “terrorists” and other criminals can’t hide their data from the government. […]

Edward Snowden Joins Twitter

International fugitive, hero, villain, defender of freedom or traitor; there are plenty of ways to describe Edward Snowden. You can now add Twitter user to that list. Salting the Wound Edward Snowden signed onto Twitter on September 29, announcing his presence to the world with the Tweet “Can you hear me now?” Apparently, the world […]

Foreign Nations Increasingly Suspicious of US Intelligence, Data Storage

The mass surveillance tactics employed by US intelligence agencies have, once again, raised suspicion among foreign powers. This time, the European court of justice found that EU companies might have to reconsider whether they can store data with US companies, given the penchant for spying on the part of the USA. An Opinion with Potential […]

Golden Frog Partners with Tutanota

Golden Frog, the company behind VyprVPN, one of our preferred providers, has partnered with Tutanota, an encrypted email service from Germany. Tutanota allows you to send emails to people outside of the Tutanota email service with AES 128-bit encryption. Their service can also be integrated with Outlook. VyprVPN customers can get the upgraded Premium service […]

Want to Watch the Rugby World Cup? Get a VPN

The Rugby World Cup is going on right now. If you’re travelling or located in a nation where the webcast is blocked, you can still watch it. To get access to the geo-restricted stream, you have two options: a VPN service or a SmartDNS service. There are some differences between the two of which you […]

National Cyber Security Awareness Month Is Coming in October

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is just around the corner. It takes place over five weeks, each with its own theme. The themes address behaviors, workplace safety, how to use the best new technology intelligently and how cyber security experts will be even more necessary in the future than they are now. Getting Involved You […]

Fair Use Wins in Trial Against Universal Music Corp

A Pennsylvania mother who was hit with a takedown notice by Universal Music Corp has won her day in court, after a federal appeals court took her side in a lawsuit against the copyright cop. Let’s Go Crazy! The fiasco erupted after Stephanie Lenz, the plaintiff, posted a video to YouTube that featured her child dancing […]

Lose a Day to Skype? Consider Encrypted Messaging

The Skype outage on September 21 caused quite a disruption for businesses. Particularly for startups and more tech-savvy companies, instant messaging is a big part of how work gets done. When their messaging service disappears, it can cause major communications issues. Another thing to consider, aside from the reliability of Skype and other networks, is […]

Gaming, VPNs and Security

If you’re an avid gamer, there are good reasons to consider getting a VPN subscription. There are also some popular, but erroneous, beliefs about VPNs and gaming that you should be aware of. VPNs Do Increase Security If you’re not aware, eSports—that is, playing video games as legitimate competitive events—has become a very big deal. […]

Ivacy Releases New VPN Client

Ivacy has released its new client, v2.0, for their VPN service. Services with lacking clients might want to take note; this one has some impressive features. What It Offers The new client offers a graphic representation of your traffic right on the main screen. Other screens allow you to configure split tunneling, use a personalized […]