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The 5 Best VPNs for Small Business

Run a small business? A VPN can vastly increase your security for a modest price. Some VPN services are a bit better than others for business users. This article is aimed at businesses that are actually small, meaning they range from a sole proprietorship to firms with a few employees who might need remote access […]

VPN Service Primer for Australians

We’re expecting a lot of new VPN subscribers from Australia, given the onerous data retention laws that have just passed in that nation. That being the case, we wanted to put this information front and center for our friends from the Land Down Under. The basics you need to know about subscribing to a VPN […]

What Do Australian Metadata Laws Mean for You?

While the Internet is famous for generating panic over nothing, concerns about Australia’s metadata laws are not unfounded. If there’s ever been a time when Australians needed to protect themselves against government intrusion, that time is now. Understand What Happened The recent, and controversial, changes to Australia’s laws represent another instance where privacy was pitted […]

Now the IRS Uses Stingrays, Too

You can add the IRS to the list of US federal agencies that use Stingray devices. The eavesdropping equipment simulates a cell tower, allowing law enforcement to intercept communications. The Latest in a Long List The news of the IRS Stingrays comes via the Guardian, reporting on documents released as part of a Freedom of […]

What Is FinFisher?

FinFisher is a spyware suite produced by FinFisher GmbH and sold to some of the most repressive regimes in the world. The software suite allows governments to monitor computers and smartphones, tracking locations, intercepting data and even reading encrypted files. CitizenLab published the results of their study into which governments use this spyware suite, and […]

BBC Blocks VPN Users

The BBC is blocking VPN users from accessing iPlayer. The blockage isn’t only affecting those outside the UK. People who use a VPN in the UK are finding themselves shut out, as well. Fees and Licensing The BBC is supported by a public licensing scheme. UK viewers pay a fee of £145 per year to […]

Silk Road DEA Agent Sentenced

Carl Force, a DEA agent involved in the Silk Road case, will be heading off to prison for seventy-eight months. The former DEA agent’s lawyer had asked that Force’s rough upbringing be factored into his sentencing, but was denied. The agent could have spent eighty-seven months behind bars and had asked for forty-eight, but the […]

VPN Usage in Australia on the Rise Again

With the Australian government becoming less privacy friendly all the time, interest in VPNs in Australia is going up. The Privacy Problem We’ve reported on Australia’s struggle with privacy in the past and none of the trends we have reported on have changed a great deal. As it stands, the Australian government will be harvesting […]

CISA Moves Forward, Privacy Moves Backward

CISA, the controversial bill that encourages businesses to share user data with federal agencies, has passed the Senate. The bill will now be combined with the House version of the legislation. This bill is something beyond distressing. According to critics, it presents serious threats to user privacy. There were amendments designed to add a modicum […]

Notorious! RIAA and MPAA Release List of Pirate Sites

The RIAA and MPAA have released their hit list of pirate sites. The list was sent to the US government per a request from the Office of the US Trade Representative. Not only did the copyright watchdogs name pirate sites in their lists, but domain name registrars and other services which, they maintain, help the […]