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Vpn and security related industry news

Checking Out European SERPs with a VPN

Whether you agree with the spirit of it or not, the EU now has a policy that requires search engines to remove certain types of information at the request of users. This is part of their Right to Be Forgotten law and, if you live in the EU, it’s unavoidable. Google is considered to be […]

Install HTTPS Everywhere and Protect Your Privacy

While we obviously like VPNs around here, there are other ways to protect your privacy. One of the most popular right now is HTTPS, which more and more sites have been implementing as a way to protect their visitors. HTTPS encrypts data.  That used to make it too demanding for most sites to implement. Today’s […]

Why Bother with a VPN on a Mobile Device?

We have a whole section on VPNs for mobile devices, but why would you need one? After all, if you’re on your 4G connection, it’s already secure, so isn’t a VPN just adding an unnecessary complication, not to mention the extra money a VPN will cost you? Using a VPN on your mobile device, it […]

Beware the New Police Threat Assessment Systems

Police officers all too frequently have to go into potentially dangerous situations with very little information. A new system that aims to change that has civil libertarians concerned. Combining Information Media outlets started reporting on the new threat assessment systems being employed by law enforcement last year. Fresno’s Real Time Crime Center was profiled by […]

The Dangers of Fast and Free Public WiFi in NYC

If you live in New York City, you’ll soon have a very easy time accessing free Wi-Fi. The city has been replacing its old phone booths with Wi-Fi hotspots, and that means better access for everyone. Unfortunately, that also means that it’ll be easier for cybercriminals to target new victims, and that surveilling your movements […]

YouTube Music Arrives, and You Need a VPN

YouTube Music is here. The service promises a unique and very flexible music listening experience to users. You will, however, have to be in the right part of the world to get the full benefit. The Service YouTube Music offers something a bit different than you might be used to if you use Spotify or other […]

On UnblockUs? Switch to a Credit Card

If you’ve been paying for a Unblock us subscription with your PayPal account, you’ll have to change your method of payment. PayPal stopped accepting payments for the SmartDNS and VPN provider on February 3rd, 2016. Unblock.us published the news on their blog. Unblock.us said that they weren’t notified before the online payment processor cut them off. PayPal said […]

Deadline Passes on EU/US Data Protection Agreement

The US and EU treat data privacy very differently. The deadline to negotiate a deal on how those issues would be resolved has passed, possibly making it difficult for businesses to transfer data between the US and the EU. The EU’s privacy agencies had given the negotiations until Sunday, February 6. The two parties, however, […]

Need to Search for Information on Someone? Use a VPN in the USA!

The EU decided that, if you find something embarrassing on Google and there’s no legal reason for it to be there, you can have it expunged. They call it the “right to be forgotten.” The US, however, doesn’t have that law and you certainly don’t have the right to be forgotten there. If you’re in […]

Netflix March 2016 VPN Crackdown

Accessing Netflix via VPN didn’t get any easier this month. The company started blocking proxies back in January and hasn’t let up yet. In fact, Netflix has gotten more aggressive, if anything. Blocking Everything The blockade Netflix put up didn’t just affect unblocking services, also called SmartDNS services. Those who use full-fledged VPNs are getting […]