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Vpn and security related industry news

More than 200 Million Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail Passwords Being Sold

If you have a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account, you need to change your password, now. According to multiple sources, Russian hackers have a database containing in excess of 200 million username/password combinations for the aforementioned service. And it’s for sale. Millions of Victims The Russian hackers behind the login details theft didn’t just take […]

IPVanish Adds a Killswitch

IPVanish always had one of the best clients out there, but they’ve made it even better. The company recently added a killswitch to their client for Windows. The killswitch will take down your Internet connection if your VPN connection is lost. This is a great security enhancement if you’re working on secure material, are using […]

Do You Leak Information while Torrenting? Find Out Here!

VPNs can go a long way toward protecting your privacy, but configuring them, even with a client, can be complex. Do it wrong and you might end up leaking your IP address when you’re torrenting. Depending upon what you’re torrenting, that could be a bad thing. Because of this, we figured it’d be worth our […]

Great Firewall of China Inventor Had to Use a VPN to Get Around It

Mary Shelly would be proud. Fan Binxing is responsible for the affront to freedom that is the Great Firewall of China. The Great Firewall of China allows the repressive Chinese government to restrict the Internet access of Chinese citizens to content that the government approves of. Unfortunately for Binxing, the monstrosity he created blew up […]

WhatsApp Makes a Smart Move in Adding Encryption

If you’re among the more than one billion people who use WhatsApp, April was a very good month. WhatsApp debuted end-to-end encryption for any and all communications made over the app. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, a company that is usually anathema to anyone worried about privacy. While Apple was battling it out with the […]

Checking Out European SERPs with a VPN

Whether you agree with the spirit of it or not, the EU now has a policy that requires search engines to remove certain types of information at the request of users. This is part of their Right to Be Forgotten law and, if you live in the EU, it’s unavoidable. Google is considered to be […]

Install HTTPS Everywhere and Protect Your Privacy

While we obviously like VPNs around here, there are other ways to protect your privacy. One of the most popular right now is HTTPS, which more and more sites have been implementing as a way to protect their visitors. HTTPS encrypts data.  That used to make it too demanding for most sites to implement. Today’s […]

Why Bother with a VPN on a Mobile Device?

We have a whole section on VPNs for mobile devices, but why would you need one? After all, if you’re on your 4G connection, it’s already secure, so isn’t a VPN just adding an unnecessary complication, not to mention the extra money a VPN will cost you? Using a VPN on your mobile device, it […]

Beware the New Police Threat Assessment Systems

Police officers all too frequently have to go into potentially dangerous situations with very little information. A new system that aims to change that has civil libertarians concerned. Combining Information Media outlets started reporting on the new threat assessment systems being employed by law enforcement last year. Fresno’s Real Time Crime Center was profiled by […]

The Dangers of Fast and Free Public WiFi in NYC

If you live in New York City, you’ll soon have a very easy time accessing free Wi-Fi. The city has been replacing its old phone booths with Wi-Fi hotspots, and that means better access for everyone. Unfortunately, that also means that it’ll be easier for cybercriminals to target new victims, and that surveilling your movements […]