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TorGuard Mobile Now Available

If you use mobile devices extensively, you should be aware that the data you send and receive can be intercepted by hackers. There are quite a few solutions to this problem out there, the best being those that employ an encrypted VPN to provide data protection. TorGuard Mobile has come onto the market, and offers a VPN connection over mobile devices that’s designed to protect your privacy and offer you options in terms of encryption. This might be of use to people who spend a lot of time on the road or who have to access private data from public hotspots and from their regular datacarrier’s network.

The Product

TorGuard Mobile offers unlimited bandwidth over mobile devices. While this obviously won’t be something that is particularly useful if you’re using a mobile data network, it’s enormously useful if you happen to be using a public hotspot where you can pull quite a bit of bandwidth. The product works with both the iPhone and Android platforms, making it suitable for the vast majority of mobile device users out there. Hooking up to this service allows you to choose from more than 20 different IP’s and to choose from addresses in different countries, making it useful for those who need to get around geo-restrictions.

There are no logs kept with the TorGuard Mobile product. If you need to manage your account, there is a website where you can handle everything related to it, forgoing the need to call customer service or to endure long waits to have issues resolved.

TorGuard Mobile provides access to the Internet over PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols. L2TP and OpenVPN are both known for their high security. PPTP is not currently recommended for high security applications, but it does provide some protection.

Mobile Security

An increasing number of people are utilizing mobile devices to access the Internet all the time. Many of these mobile devices lack the protections that those same users have on their desktop computers. VPN protection provides an excellent way to ensure that your data is not visible to hackers. This makes products such as TorGuard Mobile great additions to your hardware if you are a business user who needs to access company resources. It’s also great for everyday users, however, as the encryption adds another layer of security if you are shopping online in a public space or if you’re using social media or e-mail in an environment where you are vulnerable to being hacked.

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