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AirVPN Review

AirVPN Review
Countries 14
Servers 20+
IPs No Info
Price €7/mnth
Payment: Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin
Protocols PPTP, OpenVPN

AirVPN has some serious credibility. It’s based in Italy and was created by the Pirate Party itself. Because of that, their claims to protect your privacy carry weight. They’re not covered by the EU’s onerous data retention laws, another reason to consider them as a provider.

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Pricing and Plans

AirVPN offers plans with prices based on your length of service. They all come with no traffic or time limitations and access to their entire network.

The plans include:

  • Three days for 1€
  • One month for 7€
  • Three months for 15€
  • Six months for 30€
  • One year for 54€

You can use just about any payment option for this provider, including credit cards, PayPal and plenty of others. They accept Bitcoin, as well.

Free Trial / Money Back Guarantee

The easiest way to get a free trial with this provider is to sign up for a three-day account and cancel it before the three days are over. They’ll give you a refund.

Privacy & Anonymity

This is one area where AirVPN excels. This company was founded by activists. They keep no logs and they strictly follow the best practices outlined by the EU for safeguarding user privacy.

The company also accepts Bitcoin. Between the no-logging policy and the fact that they offer 256-bit encryption over SSH, SSL and Tor, AirVPN is entirely appropriate for people who live in nations where VPNs are not allowed and where national firewalls have to be circumvented to even gain access to the Internet using a VPN.

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Torrent Policy

Torrents are allowed on this service.

Customer Support

AirVPN has a ticketing system in the Client Area of their site that you can use for support. They also have forums where you can ask questions, and plenty of self-help information available.

Product Testing

AirVPN MainScreenAirVPN ConnectedScreenAirVPN ServersAirVPN CountriesAirVPN SpeedAirVPN StatsAirVPN Logs

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AirVPN has a very detailed interface on their Windows client. You access your various settings and stats through tabs. The client gives you speed information right on the interface, as well, which is a nice touch.

Windows, Mac OSX, Android, IPhone, etc.

AirVPN is compatible with Mac, Android, IPhone and most other devices. Routers are supported, as well.
Configuration files for any device can be downloaded from their site.

Speed Test

AirVPN Baseline

AirVPN Baseline Speedtest

AirVPN Speedtest

AirVPN Speedtest

AirVPN did slow us down quite a bit, dropping our speed by roughly a third compared to our baseline of 34Mbps. This is a very flexible service where configuration is concerned, however, so it’s likely that most users could get better speed by experimenting with their options.

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IPCheck and DNSLeak

Our IP was successfully masked by AirVPN and our DNS server address did not leak.

Feature Summary

  • OpenVPN
  • SSH, SSL, Tor
  • No logging
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, router compatible
  • Shared IP

Countries Supported

United Kingdom
United States

We Liked

It’s hard not to like this company. They have a commitment to their business model that extends beyond making money off of it. They were founded by people who are genuinely concerned about Internet privacy.
Areas for Improvement

The speed was somewhat lacking, but AirVPN really emphasizes its high encryption levels and privacy policies as the mainstays of its service.

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AirVPN seems to be a very trustworthy company. Their product is excellent where privacy is concerned, and suitable for people in nations where using encryption might pose a personal risk. The speed was less than some other providers, but that doesn’t take away from AirVPN in terms of their vision and mission as a company.

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