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Announcement: VPN Jurisdiction Report & Table Coming Soon

nsa logoSince the Guardian and New York Times published their stories about the NSA trying to break into encryption methods like SSL, HTTPS, and some VPN protocols, we have received an onslaught of questions from our readers asking us if their VPN may be one of the companies that have co-operated with the NSA by handing out decryption keys and creating back doors…

We’re Sorry, But

Determining which company did or did no co-operate with the NSA is all but impossible, as the list of people that actually know that is very short and that information wasn’t published. But, we’re betting that the US and British companies will become the most suspect…which brings us to the the subject of this post, our:


chart picsOver the next few weeks we will be putting together a chart of VPN providers showing which provider answers to which jurisdiction, circumstances of surrendering data…much like our “Do Log Or Not Do Log” table.

The table will be sortable by category, like jurisdiction, or logging, and will remain an active “work-in-progress.” So, if you don’t see a particular VPN Provider, ask. We’ll do our level best to add it to this list and the “Do/DoNot” log lists…

While we do not advocate the use of these privacy services for illegal purposes, we do feel the urgency for our readers to be the most informed readers on the subject of privacy and anonymity on the internet, and as this data can often be very hard to find, we will be publishing it as a service to our readers.

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