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Banana VPN Review

Banana VPN Review
Countries 7
Servers 15
IPs 1000+
Price $14.99/mnt
Payment: Credit Card
Protocols PPTP, IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP

Banana VPN offers VPN services (OpenVPN, PPTP &  SSTP ) via 15 different servers in 7 different countries. They have been in business since 2009 and they represent a decent choice for VPN service provider.

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Banana VPN Speed Test

Banana VPN baseline Banana VPN test

Banana VPN offered acceptable results when compared to other VPN services based on speed. This service managed to keep rates that were roughly comparable to other services when run over a 50 Mbps download/1.5 Mbps upload connection.

Speeds were more than acceptable for VPN services. The slight drop in speed was typical of any encryption technology.

Banana VPN Pricing Plans

Banana VPN has several different pricing plans, based both on the nation in which they’re purchased and the protocol the user wishes to connect with. VoIP services are also available with a dedicated IP. The pricing structure is as follows:

  • SSTP VPN: $100 for one year; $60 for six months; $14.99 for one month
  • SSL VPN, United Kingdom: $100 per year; $60 for six months; $14.99 for one month
  • VPN for VoIP with dedicated IP service: $110 for six months; $24 for one month
  • VPN, United Kingdom: $100 for one year; $60 for six months; $14.99 for one month
  • VPN, Germany: $100 for one year; $60 for six months; $14.99 for one month
  • USA, secure VPN: $100 for one year; $60 for six months; $14.99 for one month

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Banana VPN Setup / How to Use Banana VPN

Set up for Banana VPN is done manually. On Windows 7, it simply requires that you access the control panel, create a network connection and create a VPN network with the settings given to you by Banana.

Additional setup requirements will vary dependent upon the type of protocol being used. Extensive instructions regarding the setup of VoIP services are given on the provider’s site.

Banana VPN Server Locations

As of October 2011 BananaVPN has  VPN servers, in Texas, Washington, UK (3 PPTP, 1 OpenVPN), Germany, Canada and Hong Kong and Singapore.

According to their website “The US and UK servers have a 1Gbit connection each while others have 100mbit. Server loads are kept to a minimum and monitored daily.”

Countries Supported

Hong Kong
United Kingdom
United States

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Banana VPN Protocols Supported

In addition to supporting SSTP VPN, SSL OpenVPN and PPTP VPN, Banana VPN offers VoIP services as a part of its product.

Banana VPN vs. the Competition

Banana VPN offers the VoIP service, which gives it something of an edge for some users in terms of features but the pricing is higher than providers like HideMyAss or ExpressVPN on our Best VPN Service Providers List.

The VPN service is simple, though the setup process is manual, which may be something users who are not comfortable manually configuring their computers want to consider.

Banana VPN Errors

Because of the manual setup process, most errors with Banana VPN will have to do with configuration. Firewall settings and other user issues will constitute most of the problems users have, but will be easily remedied by checking the extensive instructions on the manufacturer’s site.

Banana VPN Conclusion

Banana VPN’s VoIP service makes it particularly interesting if you are in the market for a VOIP/VPN service.

The service lacks any trial period, which differs from several other providers, but the yearly pricing structure is somewhat competitive in terms of rates.

The service also has the flexible option of providing a dedicated IP—with the VoiP plan, so users may find that this service has the type of flexibility they’re looking for compared to the other offerings on the market.

While their pricing is on the high side they may still be a good choice depending on your particular situation.  Signup for a month ( no free trial ) or check out our Best VPN Service Providers List.

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