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BolehVPN Review

BolehVPN Review
Countries 14
Servers 20+
IPs 20+
Price $9.99/mnth
Payment: Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin
Protocols IPSec, OpenVPN

BolehVPN is a Malaysian company. They offer an impressive selection of servers and affordable plans. Their location and xCloak service makes them a good choice for people who find themselves stuck behind the Great Firewall of China.

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Pricing and Plans

bolehvpn pricing plan 2015

BolehVPN offers the following packages. They allow two separate connections to the server at the same time, unlimited bandwidth and downloads.

The pricing is as follows:

  • Seven-day trial for $3.70
  • Thirty days for $9.99
  • Sixty days for $16.99
  • 180 days for $44.99
  • 365 days for $79.99

You can pay with debit and credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Liberty Reserve or bank transfers, though the last option is only available in Malaysia.

Free Trial / Money Back Guarantee

There are two different trial options. You can email the company and request a free trial or you can buy the seven-day trial and test out the service. They do not offer refunds and they encourage you to use their trial. If there is some kind of technical issue, however, they’ll refund your money within seven days.

Privacy & Anonymity

BolehVPN does not keep logs. They do,however, monitor their servers and, if they see signs of abuse, they may log the offending connection temporarily so they can see if there is something illegal going on. They may also use logging if there is a service issue but, during the normal course of business, they do not log or keep user information.

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Torrent Policy

BolehVPN does allow torrenting and they even provide seedbox hosting.

Customer Support

BolehVPN offers a ticketing option, forums and a panel system. They have live chat on their site and, when the staff is available, you can use it to get support. Remember that they’re in Malaysia, so customers in the western hemisphere may only be able to use live chat at odd local hours.

Product Testing

BolehVPN MainscreenBolehVPN  LogBolehVPN Settings

BolehVPN proxyBolehVPN servicestatus

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BolehVPN has an attractive client that’s also quite easy to navigate. The proxy settings are available on their own tab.

Configuring your connection is easy, and there’s a checkbox for the DNS leak protection that’s built into the client.

Windows, Mac OSX, Android, IPhone, etc.

BolehVPN provides extensive instructions for configuring mobile devices for their service. L2TP connections can also be configured for desktop computers.

Speed Test

BolehVPN Baseline

BolehVPN Baseline Speedtest

BolehVPN speedtest

BolehVPN Speedtest

BolehVPN was not the fastest VPN we’ve ever tested, to be certain. We used a US server for testing. Compared to our baseline speed, the reduction was more than noticeable, bringing us down to less than 7Mbps. It’s still adequately fast for streaming or downloading, but nowhere near the speed that other providers offer.

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IPCheck and DNSLeak

DNS did not leak with BolehVPN. The VPN also hid our IP address.

Feature Summary

  • xCloak defeats DPI
  • Two simultaneous connections
  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, router compatible
  • No logging
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • Seedbox hosting
  • Game hosting

Countries Supported

Hong Kong
United Kingdom
United States

We Liked

BolehVPN has a great privacy policy. Their xCloak service makes them ideal for those who need to get around firewalls, as well, making this a good service for people in censoring nations.

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Areas for Improvement

The speed was lacking with this service. Getting our subscription information to update took a reinstall of the client, but it worked fine after that.


BolehVPN is not likely to appeal to people who want to do a lot of downloading via P2P, despite their attractive privacy policy. The speed is just too limited. However, for those who need to use a VPN undetected, particularly in Asia, this is a great choice. There are numerous servers in their network that are located in Asia, making them even more appealing in that regard.

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