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Guavi VPNCheck Pro Review

GuaviBoxGuavi VPNCheck Pro is a VPN monitoring program that automatically shuts down selected programs if your VPN fails.

This is a great safetyenhancement if you happen to be transferring sensitive data or using applications that might catch the attention of your ISP or other entities inclined to violate your privacy.

Guavi VPNCheck Pro is fairly complex, but the power that comes with that complexity should make it suitable for people who want to monitor their security as closely as possible.

There is a limited trial version of this program available for download, in addition to the paid version. Details are provided below.

This program is Windows only.


Installation is done via a standard Windows install. There aren’t any surprises here, which is a good thing. You can enter your registration information once you open the program, if you paid for the Pro version.

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VPNCheck Pro has some very nice features built into it. As you can see from the screenshots, it allows you to configure all of the various options quickly and easily from the program interface, but there might be a bit of a learning curve involved if you’re not used to VPN monitoring programs.

The easiest way to set up VPNCheck Pro is to add whatever programs you want monitored to your Applications tab in the Config interface.

You can set up your Login info using PPTP/L2TP or OpenVPN with the Username/Password field. Add your adapter to finalize the settings.

Alternately, just click on Custom VPN Program if you’re using a client provided by a VPN service.
Fire up your VPN and you’re good to go!

Guavi VPN Check Pro Screenshot

Guavi GuardApp
Guavi ComputerID
Guavi DNSLeak
Guavi DectectionMode

Click here To Visit Guavi VPN Check Now

Testing it Out

We tested out Guavi using uTorrent and IPVanish, which doesn’t currently have a kill switch built into the Windows client.

We executed the test by torrenting Ubuntu. Guavi picked up our VPN connection immediately. When we disconnected, the torrent stopped.

The program offers plenty of different ways to configure your protection,and we can confidently say that it does whatit promises.

The program has some other features that are worth pointing out:

  • Support virtualization via VMWare and Virtualbox
  • Can close individual programs or the entire network
  • Built-in DNS leak protection
  • Notifies you when your VPN disconnects

There are other features built into this program, as well, including protection against various phishing scams.

The trial version is understandably limited, notably not allowing you to use the DNS leak protection. However, the free trial is a good way to get familiar with the program and it lets you monitor three applications, which isn’t bad at all.


VPNCheck is a good option if you want extra protection when you’re online and you don’t feel like relying on freeware, which can be a bit sketchy at times.

The program costs $19.92, and you can pay with Bitcoin, as well as with credit cards and PayPal.

If you want to be sure that you’re protected, and you don’t want to sit in front of your computer monitoring your VPN connection to verify that you are, VPNCheck Pro would be a sensible addition to your digital security toolbox.

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