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Hide My IP Review

Hide My IP Review
Countries 45
Servers 74+
IPs No Info
Price $7/mnt
Payment: Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin
Protocols OpenVPN

Hide My IP is a proxy service having servers in 45 different countries, with secured encryption available for some of their premium accounts. With their premium services you can also have unlimited bandwidth, and additional IP addresses. The service is software driven, with their client being in at version 5.0. It works on most Operating Systems and browsers, but they do have a special version for the Mac OS X systems. They do have High-speed service available, and additional communications programs can be covered by their service through their premium services.

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Hide My IP Speed Test

While there was a little latency in their service for our connection, (Calif using a Netherlands proxy,) our ping time went from 152 ms to 153 ms, so there wasn’t too much loss there. If you have the more expensive service that they offer, the speeds can improve a little.

Hide My IP Pricing Plans/Coupons

Hide My IP has different service levels

  • Premium Service Subscription for $7/monthly , a single payment of $84.95

You can also customize your subscription which you can see below:

hide-my-ip pricing plan 2015

They accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, JCB, Diners, Paypal, and Bitcoin as their payment method.

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Hide My IP Setup / How To Use

Once downloaded the setup is fairly easy, you will get icons to start the program on your desktop and in the programs folder. Yo will also get a window informing you that you have a 14 day trial version, ignore this, and manually enter, (not copy/paste,) the unlock code into the verification window.

Hide My IP Client Details

The software is nice looking, and easy to use. Once we had it started it informed us of our new IP address and server location. From this main window you can change server locations, Ip addresses, turn the service on or off, or set up encryption. (We thought the encryption was automatic for our purchase, but it wasn’t. Also, all the servers listed aren’t available to every account, in order to gain access to all their servers we would have had to pay an additional $25 per month. Other options in the settings include frequency of IP change, launch on start, clear cookies with IP change, always use same address, and not reusing IP’s.

Hide My IP Server Locations

Their network has servers in 45 different countries:

Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Russian Federation
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States
Viet Nam

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Hide My IP Protocols Supported

They use standard VPN protocols, but with your IP changing every time that you connect to the internet, you could have a few issues with your financial or other secured transactions. A constantly changing IP could cause a company like PayPal to suspend your account. For these transactions it is best if you always use a fixed IP for convenience.

Hide My IP vs The Competition

As a proxy service there are better available for less money, but very few that will also provide encryption. But even with this in mind, a VPN service would be as reliable and probably a little less costly. With a limited number of proxies, but all of them residing in a cooperative country, your security is excellent, but not guaranteed against legally ordered invasion.

Hide My IP Errors

While we experienced no errors during our installation, there was the issue of the unlock key. This situation demands that instead of doing a copy/paste of the key into the form, the key be entered manually. A fact that we discovered after 2 hours and before support contacted us about it.

Our Conclusion On Hide My IP

While the application is very easy to use, and the servers are fast, the gold service level is very expensive when compared to other more popular services like HideMyAss.

If you are about to spend $250/year for the Gold Premium product be sure you have taken a look at our best VPN service provider list  to make sure that Hide My Ip is really what you need.  One good thing we have noted about Hide My Ip is that they appear to have quite an active community and forum.

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