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HideMan Review

HideMan Review
Countries 20
Servers 20+
IPs 200+
Price $9/mnth
Payment: Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin
Protocols PPTP, IPSec, OpenVPN

HideMan is a fairly new VPN provider located in the United Kingdom. The company states that its goal is to provide easy to use VPN services for everyday users. The company offers quite a few IP addresses to its users and supports a large number of countries.

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Speed Test

A speed test will be conducted on HideMan very soon.

Pricing Plans

HideMan offers several different pricing plans, priced in US dollars. They are as follows:

hideman.net pricing plan 2015

Payment Methods

HideMan accepts a variety of payment methods, including:

  • CashU
  • Credit Card
  • Google Checkout
  • LibertyReserve
  • PayPal
  • SMS
  • Yandex

Free Trial / Money Back Guarantee

You can use the HideMan service free for 4 hours every week to get an idea of how it works.

Coupons / Discount / Special Offers

No discounts are available from HideMan at present.

Countries Supported

HideMan has servers located in the following nations:

Hong Kong
Russian Federation
United Kingdom
United States

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VPN Protocols Supported

HideMan supports the OpenVPN protocol exclusively.

Number of IP Addresses

There are over 30 IP addresses available through this provider.

VPN Clients Information

HideMan offers a client that only functions with the Windows operating system.

Common Error Messages

None reported. Any errors may be e-mailed to support@hideman.com or reported to hideman.help over Skype.

Logging and Privacy Policy

HideMan does keep logs. Logs are retained for a period of one month so that the company can prevent fraud on its network, including hacking and carding.

Legal Use / Torrent Policy

HideMan only allows torrents to be used on its servers located in Panama, Russia and the Ukraine.

HideMan vs. the Competition

HideMan is a fairly new service and, compared to many others, is a bit more expensive. Being located in the United Kingdom, it does not have the jurisdictional layering that makes some VPN services more private in nature. The company also keeps logs for one month, as opposed to many other services that don’t keep any logs of user activity at all.

HideMan Conclusion

HideMan has not been around that long, only since 2011, so it does have a lot to work to do proving itself as a VPN service compared to more established VPN providers. While the two hours per week for free is a great idea for getting people familiar with their service and for getting people familiar with using VPN services in general, HideMan does charge comparatively high prices when held up against some of the other options out there. The OpenVPN protocol, of course, is as secure as VPN gets at present but other, more proven providers offer the same service for less money.

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