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HMA Upgrades Networks

Bad PR for HMAHide My Ass (HMA) has once again upgraded their network. This time, they’ve added a total of 28 servers to their lineup. This includes servers located in 6 nations where they formerly didn’t have a presence. There are 3,742 IP addresses that have been added to the list, as well.

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The new additions include virtual locations, which offer very fast connections, even if you’re connecting to a nation that’s around the world. The list of new servers follows.

  • Austria, Vienna with 122 IPs
  • Australia, Sydney with 252 IPs
  • Australia, Sydney with 252 IPs
  • Cameroon, Yaoundé with 125 IPs
  • France, Paris with 254 IPs
  • France, Paris, Aubervilliers with 244 IPs
  • Germany, Dusseldorf with 251 IPs
  • Ghana, Accra with 125 IPs
  • Hong Kong, Shatin with 57 IPs
  • Kuwait, Kuwait City with 126 IPs
  • Malaysia, Johor, Johor Bahru with 124 IPsHMA upgrades networks and servers
  • Paris France, Clichy-Levallois with 125 IPs
  • Paris, France, Saint-Denis with 122 IPs
  • Qatar, Doha with 126 IPs
  • South Korea, Seoul with 252 IPs
  • Taiwan, Taipei with 124 IPs
  • UAE, Dubai with 126 IPs
  • Uganda, Kampala with 125 IPs
  • USA, Columbia, SC with 246 IPs
  • USA, Troy, MI with 59 IPs
  • USA, Wichita, KS with 251 IPs

The virtual locations on this service allow you to get faster speeds without having to choose a server located physically close to you for your IP. You do actually go through a nearby physical server, but your IP address reflects that you’re in the nation where the virtual server is located. If you were in the US, for instance, and Albuquerque was the nearest server to you, you could connect to a virtual server in France, get a French IP address but still be routed through the server in Albuquerque. This is a great way to cut down on your load times. —Also read full review of HMA here.

Kudos to HMA for another network upgrade. They remain one of our preferred providers and offer a great service with a robust client, plenty of locations to choose from and very fast speeds.

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