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IbVPN Launches ibDNS Beta

IbVPN-Launches-ibDNS-BetaIbVPN has announced the beta release of its new DNS service, ibDNS. The service will allow customers to reach sites that have been blocked due to geo-restrictions in their nation, including some of the most popular streaming sites on the Internet. This service will allow users in nations where US services such as Hulu, Netflix and Pandora are blocked to access those services without using a VPN. The DNS service allows the user to use their own Internet connection to unblock the content and watch it.

According to IbVPN, there is no loss of speed or reliability when using their service.

The Service

The new IbVPN offering is similar to the SmartDNS offering from OverPlay. Both services allow you to access geo-restricted content by making a simple change to your DNS settings. These services work on just about any networked device. You can use these services on desktop computers and on mobile devices, such as Android phones and tablets and on iPads and iPhones.


IbVPN is offering this service free as a bundled add-on to their VPN service. You can use it if you’re a trial user, as well, so you can get a look at what it has to offer. The service allows users to access content without having to worry that they’re losing speed due to running through a VPN server. There are, however, some very important differences between a VPN server and ibDNS that users need to be aware of.

Not the Same

IbDNS simply allows you to access content that may be blocked, but it doesn’t protect your privacy. It’s not the same as a VPN server, which utilizes encryption to conceal what you’re accessing over the Internet. This has some important implications.

If you’re tuning into videos in a nation that doesn’t allow you to access them over your usual Internet connection, IbDNS and services like it will allow you to see them, in most cases, and there’s nothing illegal about it. If you’re trying to protect your privacy online, however, you still do need a VPN connection. That connection provides you with a secure way to send and receive data from anywhere, including from geo-restricted nations, if you’re on a server located in that nation. If you just want to get around a geo-restriction, however, and you’re not worried about any privacy issues, you can go ahead and use a service like ibDNS and not have to hook up to a VPN.

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