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Mullvad Review

Mullvad Review
Countries 5
Servers 10+
IPs No Info
Price €5/mnth
Payment: Credit Card, Bitcoin
Protocols PPTP, OpenVPN

Mullvad is a Swedish VPN provider, which gives them some advantages right from the start. They take anonymous forms of payment and are not governed by the EU DRD, which gives them an edge in privacy. They have some good features built into their service and make them accessible with their easy-to-use client.

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Mullvad Speed Test

Coming Soon

Pricing Plans

Mullvad pricing is based on the type of payment used to buy the account. The provider takes several different forms of payment—see below—but Bitcoin nets you lower prices because of the low administrative costs to the company.

30 days service via cash, bank wire, PayPal or credit cards: €5

Bitcoin pricing:

  • 1 day: .461 mBTC
  • 1 week: 3.23mBTC
  • 1 month: 13.8 mBTC
  • 3 months: 41.5 mBTC
  • 6 months: 83.0 mBTC
  • 1 year: 166.1 mBTC

Payment Methods

Mullvad accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Bitcoin
  • Cash
  • Bank wire
  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards

Free Trial / Money Back Guarantee

Mullvad gives you a few hours of free trial time to test out their service. You can take advantage of it by downloading and installing their client.

Coupons / Discount / Special Offers

If you want to get a slight discount on your service, you can use Bitcoin, which the company gives favorable pricing. This is because the administrative costs and fees are lower, according to the company.

Countries Supported

Mullvad has servers located in:

United States

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VPN Protocols Supported

Mullvad supports OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. The service also works with DD-WRT routers.

Number of IP Addresses

Not given, but all IP addresses on this service are shared.

Mullvad VPN Client

Mullvad has a client that works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. You can also configure your VPN client manually, if you wish, or use a different OpenVPN client if you prefer.

Common Error Messages

None reported. The company, however, blocks TCP port 25. If you want to send email, you’ll have to do it over port 465, which can be protected using SSL/TLS.

Logging and Privacy Policy

Mullvad doesn’t store logs. If they’re asked to hand over logs of user activity, they don’t have anything to give, making this a non-issue for the company.

Legal Use / Torrent Policy

Torrenting is allowed on Mullvad. All torrent traffic is private.

Mullvad vs. the Competition

Mullvad has the right logging policy—no logging—which gives them an edge over providers that do keep logs. They also provide great privacy protection, given that they’re not beholden to some of the more onerous privacy policies that apply in the EU. Their encryption could be stronger—it’s currently at 128-bit—and they don’t offer L2TP/IPsec as an option, but the company is just getting started and those features might be improved in the future.

Mullvad Conclusion

Mullvad has privacy right. They don’t log and they don’t have anything to turn over if asked by a court. They have far fewer server locations than some other providers, but that may be a non-issue for users who are more worried about privacy than being able to connect from a long list of nations.

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