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PrivateTunnel Review

PrivateTunnel Review
Countries 10
Servers 20+
IPs No Info
Price $12/500GB
Payment: Credit Card, Paypal
Protocols OpenVPN

PrivateTunnel is headquartered in California. This service is a bit different than most providers in that they offer pricing based on the amount of data that you use. This has some advantages, particularly for users who might not really need much transfer and who want to avoid a fixed monthly subscription cost.

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Pricing and Plans

PrivateTunnel has a metered service. The transfer you purchase never expires and you can use the connection with an unlimited number of devices. The pricing is as follows:

  • Free: Up to 500MB
  • $12: 50GB
  • $20: 100GB
  • $50: 500GB

You can pay for your subscription with PayPal, credit cards and bank transfers.

Free Trial / Money Back Guarantee

You can transfer up to 500MB over PrivateTunnel before you have to pay for the service. It’s a pay-as-you-go subscription, so you don’t have to purchase anything to start off. They do offer refunds under certain circumstances.

Privacy & Anonymity

PrivateTunnel says they do not monitor your browsing activity but, obviously, this is a metered service, so they do have to keep track of how much data transfer you use. They say they will not share this information with third parties unless legally compelled to do so. Of course, that means the information does exist and that it is accessible.

Torrent Policy

There are no restrictions on torrenting over PrivateTunnel.

Customer Support

Customer support is available from an FAQ. You can contact support via email, as well. Their client has a support tab built into it, making it easy enough to contact the company if you have issues.

Product Testing

PrivateTunnel Home
PrivateTunnel PurchaseBlackOut
PrivateTunnel Refer
PrivateTunnel Help
PrivateTunnel Settings

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PrivateTunnel has a user-friendly client. They only support OpenVPN, so there’s very little to configure here. The settings menu is very basic. If you need to purchase more data transfer, you can do so right from the client.

Windows, Mac OSX, Android, IPhone, etc.

PrivateTunnel is compatible with Mac OSX, Android and iOS devices. They have apps for all three systems

Speed Test

PrivateTunnel Baseline

PrivateTunnel Baseline Speedtest

PrivateTunnel Speedtest

PrivateTunnel VPN Speedtest

PrivateTunnel tested very well for speed. The network barely slowed down our connection at all, taking it from 46Mbps to 38Mbps. Connecting to a server was very fast, as well.

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IPCheck and DNSLeak

PrivateTunnel concealed both our IP and our DNS server addresses without any additional configuration.

Feature Summary

  • OpenVPN
  • Metered accounts
  • Purchased data transfer never expires
  • Custom client

Countries Supported

United Kingdom
United States

We Liked

  • No subscription
  • Easy to set up
  • In-app purchase for more transfer
  • No expiration
  • Wide compatibility

Areas for Improvement

The logging policy is not ideal but, with a metered account, some logging is necessary. Adding more protocols would be an improvement, as well.


PrivateTunnel, because they do keep logs, is not ideal for P2P. For non-P2P use, however, it is a nice option. The metered account structure offers value for people who don’t want to pay for an unlimited subscription month after month. If you’re travelling for business or pleasure, having a service like this could be advantageous. It’s limited, but those limitations won’t be of great concern to every user out there.

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1 Comment about PrivateTunnel Review

  1. Nico M. on September 30th, 2014

    A few statements you made are incorrect;

    “You can download up to 100 megabytes of data over their system for free. After that, you have to move up to the 50 gigabytes per month service, which costs $12.”

    “Support is offered in the United States, the UK and in Switzerland.” <Support is actually offered in USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden.

    Other than these points, a good review on a great service provided by those that authored the OpenVPN protocol!!

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