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Squid Proxies Review

Squid Proxies service provides proxy services for users for any use with the exception of using black hat forum profile spam tool Xrummer . They have very competitive pricing, support multiple cities, multiple subnets and good customer support.

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Squid Proxies Pricing  Plans

They have affordable prices at about .75 each  ( thats when you order 2000 proxies ) but more typically for the beginning user you would enter at about $2.40 per proxy server per month.

Squid Proxies – What’s Allowed and Not Allowed

If you read their AUP – Acceptable Use Policy – it seems the typical legal boilerplate. Ie – that you cannot use Squid Proxies for spamming activities.

How they define spamming is unclear however.  They clearly state on their FAQ that all proxies used with Craigslist postings have to use PVA account. ( Phone Verified Accounts ) .

Also use of  Xrummer – a highly effective blackhat SEO forum spamming tools is not allowed.

One important criteria to pay attention to is that Squid Proxies is a company based in the USA and subject to US law.   For the paranoid  – you can request proxy servers outside of the USA – Romania.

Squid Proxies Coupon / Discount

Squid Proxies has given a special coupon code “vpnreviewz20” which gives you a 20% discount on signup. Click through our link and type in “vpnreviewz20” to activate the squidproxies discount.

Squid Proxies Payment Options

Squid proxies checkout process is with paypal and 2checkout  so basically paypal and credit cards are allowed.  They claim more payments are coming.

Squid Proxies Vs Your Private Proxies Vs The Competition

Squid proxies come in a bit more economical than the other well known brand name Your Private Proxies

If you have any sort of need for a high speed proxy service other than Xrumer or craiglist spamming then you should be in the clear.

Squid Proxies Free Trial Policy

Squid Proxy effectively has a three day free trial period if you read their TOS ( Terms Of Service). You can request a refund within the customer billing portal via email.

Squid Technical Details

Squid proxies will be locked to the IP you provide to them and you are allowed up to 10 ips per order.

You will be given access to a VIP Customer area where you can view your proxies and add/remove/modify your authorized IPs 24/7 without having to wait for Squid Proxies to make the changes for you.

Squid Proxy Service Locations Include:

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Dallas, TX
  • New York, NY
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Scranton, PA
  • Bucharest, Romania

Squid Proxies Customer Support

Proxy Server companies aren’t generally known for their customer support and good luck getting any customer support with a free proxy server but Squid Proxies has excellent customer support via email.  Proxy servers are for the technically inclined so don’t expect a lot of handholding if you can’t get scrapebox to work well but if you have a legitamate issues Squid Proxies will return your question promptly

Squid Proxies Conclusion

If you are in the market for high speed proxy servers and you have decided to actually pay for a proxy service instead of wasting hours trying to collect free proxy services then Squid Proxies has our number one rating.

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Squid Proxies

Editor Rating
5 stars
General Info
Best Price24
Coupon ?
Free Trial No Free Trial Available No
# of Servers
# of Countries
# of IP Addr.
Speed Unlimited

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2 Comments about Squid Proxies Review

  1. Martin on February 13th, 2014

    Hello VPN Site…

    not sure I agree with your review. I got a 25 private proxy package earlier today and the proxies never worked 100%. between 5 and ten either had a timeout or were banned by google before I got started.

    I realize you make money by referring people to them so this is a warning to other users to make sure you test them within the first three days.



  2. vpadmin on February 13th, 2014

    What where you using the proxies for specifically Ranktracker checking your Google rankings ? The best one for just google tracking is called Stealth G Plan with TrustedProxies.com

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