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VyprVPN$5/ Month
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Private Internet$40 / Year
Hide My Ass$60 / Year
VyprVPN$80 / Year.
Overplay$99 / Year

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Welcome to VPNReviewz.com. We offer VPN Service Provider reviews where we review the best personal VPN services. VPN services and service providers are a new, unregulated and expanding area on the internet.  Our reviews list only the best VPN service providers, we don't waste your time with VPN providers that offer poor service. We also review proxy services and security tutorials. A lot of effort and time has been put  into maintaining this website, learn more about this site and about us.  

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Provider NameMonthly PricePaymentSpeedReview LinkSpecial Offer Link
Hide My Ass$6$60/YearFastHide My Ass ReviewSpecial Offer
$79.99/YearVery FastVyprVPN ReviewSpecial Offer
Overplay VPN$8$99/YearFastOverplay Review Special Offer
IPVanish$10$120/YearVery FastIPVanish VPN ReviewSpecial Offer

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  • VPN Popularity Rising in Australia

    Citizens of the Land Down Under are encrypting their Internet traffic more and more these days. In the wake of several anti-piracy moves by their government, Australians have been subscribing to VPN services in increasing numbers, according to multiple reports. While the surge in popularity of VPN networks is noteworthy for its correlation with more […]

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UnoTelly Review

UnoTelly is a DNS-based tool that allows people to watch movies, to stream television shows and to enjoy other forms of entertainment that may be restricted in their home nations. A user on this service, for example, could get a Netflix subscription from a nation that had a restricted selection, but stream any movie they […]

UltraSurf Review

UltraSurf is a proxy server that lets you get through some Internet censorship schemes. The software has not been updated in a long time and there are concerns about malware, which the company addresses. Speed Test There will be a speed test conducted shortly. Pricing Plans UltraSurf is free software. There are no paid packages […]

Perfect Privacy Review

Perfect Privacy may not be the least expensive VPN provider out there, but they are professional. A large network of servers, plenty of IP addresses and great encryption make this a service you may want to take a second look at. Speed Test There will be a speed test conducted shortly. Pricing Plans Perfect Privacy […]

Easy-Hide-IP Review

Easy-Hide-IP offers a VPN service that provides you with anonymity online. This is a full VPN service, so all of your traffic is encrypted and you don’t have to worry about prying eyes from your ISP or from anyone else on the Internet, for that matter. Speed Test There will be a speed test conducted […]

PRQ VPN Review

PRQ is primarily known for their web hosting and for their commitment to free speech. The company is located in Sweden and, in addition to its web hosting services, it also provides VPN services. The service is exclusively located in Sweden and provides the common forms of VPN protection. Speed Test We will be conducting […]

Blacklogic Review

A Canadian company, Blacklogic provides VPN service to users around the world. They are strong on privacy and might appeal to those who want to make certain that their identity is concealed as much is possible when they’re surfing the Internet. The company advertises its ability to unblock Skype in nations where it may be […]

inCloak VPN Review

inCloak is the rebranded version of the very popular Russian VPN provider HideMe.ru.  inCloak offers OpenVPN, PPTP VPN and proxies services with servers located in 23 countries throughout the world. This is a solid service with a lot to offer users who want privacy and security. Click here To Visit inCloak VPN Now Speed Test We will […]

Breakwall.net VPN Review

It’s no secret that VPN services are important to people who live in nations with oppressive policies on information. Breakwall.net is designed for people who live in China. It is, in fact, put together in a way that specifically makes it a good choice to break through China’s Internet firewall and to defeat their censorship […]

VPNReactor Review

VPNReactor is a VPN service that provides the standard protocols and features offered by most providers. The pricing structure is competitive. The provider offers a range of different servers to choose from and an easy setup process that shouldn’t leave anyone guessing as to how to get going with this service. Speed Test Speed test […]

UK Proxy Server Review

With the UK government being very cooperative with corporate interest groups where monitoring Internet traffic is concerned, users may want to consider getting a VPN. UK Proxy Server provides user with their own UK address, but it may not be what users want in terms of anonymity. Understanding the difference between a proxy and a […]