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Edward Snowden Gets Support of NY Times and Other Outlets

Edward Snowden Gets Support of NY TimesIf you know anything about NSA surveillance, you have Edward Snowden to thank. While the government threatens him with charges under the Espionage Act and of theft, the man also launched the beginning of major reforms to the NSA—hopefully—and how they do business. He also exposed that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the NSA broke the law repeatedly, invaded privacy against the constitution and that they continue to do so.

Why Did Snowden Run?

One of the talking points that the government—all the way up to the President—has been hammering on is that Snowden should have informed his superiors of the abuses rather than leaking them and that there were whistleblower protections in place for Snowden. As the Times points out, those protections apply to federal employees, but not to contractors, like Snowden. Snowden would have been completely exposed and offered no whistleblower protection under the law.

The times also brings up some of the worst abuses and, like some other media outlets, posits that Snowden was completely justified in leaking the information. There is absolutely no doubt that the NSA broke the law, but Snowden is the one in exile. The Times lists a litany of crimes and other violations on the part of the NSA.

The NSA has undermined Internet encryption. There is no way to know how badly it’s broken or if the financial transactions that people make every day are really secure anymore. The NSA also invaded Internet data centers to spy on users. Right now, US Internet companies are taking measures to prevent this from happening again.

James Clapper Jr. is the director of National Intelligence. He’s also someone who has lied to congress. He told congress that the NSA did not engage in the data collection that has been revealed. As the Times points out, there’s been no discussion of punishing Clapper for this. There has been plenty of discussion about punishing Snowden, however, who exposed the lies that Clapper told.

Federal court judges have ruled that Fourth Amendment protections have been violated by some of these programs. Words such as “Orwellian” have been used to describe the programs.

To make it even worse, the same judge who described the acts as Orwellian said there was no evidence that any of this stopped any imminent terrorism, according to the NYT reporting.

Support Edward Snowden

Snowden broke the law. He broke the law for all the right reasons and exposed a great deal of law breaking at the highest levels of government. None of the lawbreakers at the highest levels of government are being threatened with endangering national security. Snowden is, even though there is absolutely no evidence that anything he leaked endangered national security in the slightest.

Snowden is now being asked to return—or at least stop leaking—as the government is considering amnesty. Snowden shouldn’t be the one asking for leniency in this case, and he should be able to come home to a nation that he served, even if he had to break the law to expose far greater crimes than his own.

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