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Ethics and Transparency in the VPN Industry

LiquidVPN, according to a company release, has decided to make public all of the policies it has, including an ethics policy, relating to how the company handles user data. In the release, which runs into a great deal of detail about the matter, the company reveals that, after considering what’s been going on with the privacy industry, Edward Snowden, government spying and other issues, they decided that the best policy would be to be completely transparent.

The company has instituted some policies that other VPN providers may want to take note of, as they go a long way toward empowering users and providing them with viable ways to safeguard their privacy against intrusion.

LiquidVPN unable to Log with US ProvidersWarrant Canary

A warrant canary takes advantage of a legal loophole and can go a long way toward helping users to be aware of any significant problems. You can take a look at LiquidVPN’s policy regarding this service below. The concept is simple and easy to understand.

Liquid VPN publishes a notice that declares that they have not been required to turn over user information as a result of being served any valid warrant. If they have, they’re likely to be restricted from saying so, so the message that they have not is just taken down, in those cases.

This provides a handy way for users to be aware if there’s something going on. It might be restricted for a company to say they have been served a warrant, but they can certainly say that they have not been served a warrant.

Ethics and Policy

How and why any user data might be used by LiquidVPN is laid out in detail. This avoids making blanket statements that might create some vagaries about how data is handled. It also lets users know exactly what the company does with their data, empowering them to make decisions based on specific information.

With this small change, LiquidVPN has helped users to safeguard their privacy in an era when it’s increasingly being infringed upon under various justifications. Aside from protecting users, this type of transparency also helps users to understand exactly what they cannot do on the VPN provider’s network, which can ensure that they don’t expose themselves by violating a TOS.

Kudos to LiquidVPN for taking this step toward greater transparency, which will hopefully become the trend that all VPN providers follow in the near future. -See review of LiquidVPN here.

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