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Lower Airline Prices with a VPN

Lower Airline Prices with a VPNYou might not know it, but some of those airline ticket sites you’ve been using may have been pricing your flights based on where you are. This is called dynamic pricing. It’s a form of pricing where marketing data—including location information—is used to serve up a price that a company thinks that you can afford. Someone in Beverly Hills, for instance, is likely to get a higher ticket price than someone from Albuquerque, even if they’re booking the same flight.

According to several sources, there’s a great way to get around this sort of a pricing scheme. Use your VPN and log into the ticket site from a different city or nation. This will give you pricing based on your IP location and, if the company’s model drops prices for that location, you may end up coming out ahead.

It’s easy to do if you have a VPN with servers in different nations, which all of our preferred providers have.

How to Do It

To figure out whether or not this will benefit you, you’ll want to do some window shopping. Go online and get a price for your ticket using your unencrypted Internet connection. Then, try it again from a different city using your VPN service. You may want to target a city that has a lower average income than your own. If you have multiple servers to work with, try them all. Some people claim to have saved hundreds of dollars doing this.

Remember that, when you’re online, you are where your IP address says you are. This is why there’s nothing illegal about using a VPN to get around geo-restrictions on content. In this case, you’re just getting around geo-restrictions on better prices.

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Is It Ethical?

This is the question that’s most likely to come up when people learn about this method of getting a better deal. The companies that do this are pulling in all sorts of data about you and serving you up the highest price they think they can get away with. If their system relies on location information for this, it’s their choice to design it that way. You’re not being honest about where you’re located but, then again, they’re charging people more for a ticket based on where the customer lives, which has some rather profound ethical implications as a pricing practice. Shop around and you might find that flight prices, like real estate prices, are all about location.

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