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Vpn and security related industry news

Surrender of the Naming System

The US government will be giving up control over ICANN, according to reporting in the Wall Street Journal. The move may bring some significant changes to the Internet, the most frightening of which may make it possible for authoritarian regimes to control what websites are allowed to go online. The Changes ICANN, the Internet Corporation […]

Internet Users Taking Measures to Increase Privacy in Huge Numbers

Between the NSA, marketing companies tracking their every move and ISPs spying on behalf of the entertainment industry, Internet users appear to have had enough. According to reporting in the Wall Street Journal, data shows that Internet surfers are increasingly taking measures to protect their privacy online. What the Numbers Say A Pew Research Center […]

VyprVPN Offers New Auto Connect Feature

VyprVPN has an auto connect feature that users of the service should be taking advantage of. It’s particularly useful for those who are using their VPN connection to protect their privacy while they’re out and about and using a mobile device. How It Works The idea is simple. One of the biggest security vulnerabilities occurs […]

Edward Snowden and Golden Frog Present at SXSW

Edward Snowden, for obvious reasons, couldn’t attend in person, but he made a virtual appearance at the SXSW convention. At that convention, according to The Guardian, he referred to the tech crowd at the audience as the “firefighters” and told them that they have the power to help protect people’s privacy through technical standards. Tech […]

Ethics and Transparency in the VPN Industry

LiquidVPN, according to a company release, has decided to make public all of the policies it has, including an ethics policy, relating to how the company handles user data. In the release, which runs into a great deal of detail about the matter, the company reveals that, after considering what’s been going on with the […]

Web Freedom on the 25th Anniversary of the Internet

It was 25 years ago this year that Tim Burners-Lee wrote a proposal that changed the world. He sent it to CERN, where he was employed, and proposed to link the world together via hypertext. Initially, Berners-Lee called his system Mesh. Over time, however, he decided to call it the World Wide Web and, from […]

How to Unblock Twitter

If you’re in China, you’re living behind a firewall. The government of that nation, and others, including Iran and many Middle Eastern nations, many Central European nations and more, restrict access to social media as a matter of policy. There are ways that citizens can get around this blocking technology but one must be very […]

Krebs on Cybersecurity

Brian Krebs is something of a legend among hackers. He’s not one of their number and, as a recent article in the New York Times reveals, he’s certainly not up to anything illegal. His expertise is actually in journalism and his work largely involves learning about the most active and dangerous cybercriminals in Eastern Europe […]

14-Year-Old Students: The New NSA Enemy

Three middle school students won the C-SPAN Student Cam 2014 competition by taking on a very hot issue: mass surveillance. The students were given a question, not a topic, being allowed to choose the latter themselves. The question they were given was broad: “What is the most important issue the U.S. Congress should consider in […]

IPVanish Doubles Anonymous IP Addresses

IPVanish has announced that its number of anonymous IP addresses has gone from 7,000 to 14,000. Obviously, this is quite an expansion, but it doesn’t add any cost to the service. If you’re a subscriber to the service, you have access to the additional IP addresses now. The company has more than 100 VPN servers […]