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Vpn and security related industry news

Free Wi-Fi Travel Tips

Planning on hitting the road? It’s almost certain that you’re going to be using Wi-Fi while you’re out and about. Here are some ways that you can keep yourself safe while you’re travelling. There are software and behavioral solutions that you can use to make your travel as safe as possible, and still be able […]

Dedicated VPN Router for the Best Bittorrent Security

If you happen to use a bittorrent client such as utorrent, if you’re smart, you’re also using it with a VPN. Some ISPs will choke off traffic to peer-to-peer services and, of course, privacy when you are using a bittorrent client is always a good thing. To get the best possible security, you want a […]

Limits to Anonymity on the Internet

If you’re reading about VPN services, it’s likely that one of the things you might be after is anonymity. In truth, anonymity is an unattainable goal on the Internet. Privacy, however, can be greatly increased by using a VPN service. Understanding why this is the case requires first understanding the differences between those two words. […]

New Payment Method: Dogecoin

You may have seen the Doge meme. It features a Shiba Inu, looking a bit perplexed, and generally has stream of consciousness type writing next to it. You can take a look at the meme here. What does this have to do with VPN services? Some of them are considering taking Dogecoin, a new form […]

Best VPN for the World Cup

Depending upon where you’re located, you might not have an easy time getting access to watch the World Cup. If you’re a football fan, this is obviously going to be seriously irritating, but there is a solution. VPN providers can give you access to a server located in a nation where you can stream the […]

HMA Upgrades Networks

Hide My Ass (HMA) has once again upgraded their network. This time, they’ve added a total of 28 servers to their lineup. This includes servers located in 6 nations where they formerly didn’t have a presence. There are 3,742 IP addresses that have been added to the list, as well. Click here to try Hide […]

SlickVPN Client Update

SlickVPN has updated its client. Most importantly, this update includes fixes for the Heartbleed bug that plagued the Internet at the beginning of this year. The client also includes better descriptions so you can get more information about your connection status. A problem that put too many gateway servers in a group has been fixed. […]

IPVanish Updates Android App, OSX App and Expands Servers in Asia

IPVanish has released several updates to their service. They affect servers located in Asia and the apps the company makes available for mobile users. Here’s the latest. Android App Updates The Android app has been updated to v1.0.13. It has several updates and fixes. The OpenVPN version has been updated from the last app release. […]

VyprDNS Released for VyprVPN

VyprDNS is an enhancement to the VyprVPN service. It will be of particular interest to those who are trying to get around censored Internet services, such as those in nations where the government redirects traffic to banned websites via DNS requests. VyprDNS is wholly owned by Golden Frog. They use an encrypted tunnel to direct […]

Best VPNs for Torrents and P2P File Sharing

Your ISP is most certainly watching you if you use P2P sharing programs or bit torrent for file sharing. If you’re tired of feeling like you have a Hollywood lawyer breathing down your neck while you’re on the Internet, you can use a VPN service to encrypt your traffic, making it unreadable to your ISP […]