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Vpn and security related industry news

Join the Fight for Net Neutrality

In what is being called the Battle for the Net, millions of people took action against US ISP efforts to dictate the level of service that their customers get to specific sites. According to the Battle for the Net site, well over 2 million people took action on September 10, 2014. On that same day, […]

Bitcoin Jesus Comes Through with Money for Silk Road Defense

An investor and activist who has gotten the moniker “Bitcoin Jesus” has raised more than $150,000 to defend Ross Ulbricht, who was arrested on the suspicion that he ran the website “Silk Road”. The Silk Road was allegedly used as a marketplace for drugs, prostitutes and other criminal enterprises. Ulbricht is suspected of being Dread […]

Blackphone for Private Phone Calls

Blackphone is a privacy-enhanced smartphone aimed at users who want a bit more security in their lives. Created from a partnership between GeeksPhone—a Spanish company—and Silent Circle, a security company, the phone promises to make it easier for consumers to protect their privacy, but there are some tradeoffs that consumers should be aware of. Security […]

Why you May Need a VPN if You Live in Brazil

Brazil has spoken out strongly against mass surveillance and Internet user privacy in the past, but Brazilian Internet users may want to strongly consider getting a VPN service, given a recent court ruling in the nation. The ruling forces Apple, Google and Microsoft to remove the application Secret – called Cryptic in the Microsoft version […]

OverPlay’s Back to School Special

OverPlay has a back-to-school special going on that allows you a chance to win a free month of both their VPN service and their SmartDNS service. There is even more to the prizes, including ChromeCast or a Roku Streaming stick. You don’t have to purchase any services from them to enter the raffle and there […]

HMA Releases Android App and Adds Nations to VPN Network

HMA had two service improvements recently. The company has added new servers to their continually expanding VPN network. The company also has an updated Android app available that makes it a lot easier to get your mobile device secured behind a VPN. The Android App Mobile security is a big challenge and, as a means […]

Golden Frog Releases Cyphr

Golden Frog has a new app out that allows you to exchange messages privately. Named Cyphr, the app uses a public and private key system to ensure that messages can only be read by the intended recipient. Best of all, any data that could be used to identify who sent the message or what it […]

OverPlay Promo: Get Your Game On

OverPlay VPN has a promo going on that’s worth taking a look at. Entitled “Get Your Game On”, it could end up netting you a full Premier League Season Pass and 1 free year of services from OverPlay. The Promo You can enter the promo here. If you want to get more entries in the […]

Free VPN with USENET Account from Eweka

If you’re looking for a VPN provider and you’re interested in USENET, as well, Eweka.nl has a deal for you. Eweka is a Netherlands based USENET access provider that offers fast downloads and great privacy protection. Right now, if you sign up for their USENET access subscription package, you get free VPN from IPVanish on […]

Free Wi-Fi Travel Tips

Planning on hitting the road? It’s almost certain that you’re going to be using Wi-Fi while you’re out and about. Here are some ways that you can keep yourself safe while you’re travelling. There are software and behavioral solutions that you can use to make your travel as safe as possible, and still be able […]