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Holiday VPN Offers

The days of debating whether or not a VPN is worth it or not should be well behind us. Virtual private networks are practically essential these days for those who value their privacy. Whether you like to download files or are just concerned about government overreach, VPNs are the solution you need for peace of […]

Netflix Slow Lanes and How to Avoid Them

By now, just about everyone on the planet uses Netflix. It’s a great way to watch all kinds of favorite TV shows and movies, most of which are available for streaming through your computer or mobile device. Unfortunately, there have been a number of stories this year that suggest Netflix may not be all it’s […]

What Is the USA Freedom Act?

Whenever the government debates a bill with the word “freedom” in the title, you can be certain that the meaning of the word is a bit changed from the norm. In this case, the USA Freedom Act actually does have some decent reforms in it that are targeted at the invasive NSA spying program, which […]

New Snowden Docs Released

If you’ve been following the Edward Snowden story, more information has been released. Reported by ArsTechnica,detailed documents from the GCHQ, the British equivalent of the NSA, reveal that the spy agency had access to 63 submarine cable links that spanned the globe. Those cable links landed in the US, Europe, South America, Africa, South Korea, […]

Brazil Avoiding the NSA

Brazil, concerned about the NSA spying on its government, is going so far as to run a 3500 mile fiber-optic cable directly to Portugal. Not only are they taking this rather dramatic measure, none of the money from this project – which is expected to cost around $185 million – is going to go to […]

Top 6 Black Friday And Cyber Monday Privacy (VPN) Deals

Certain events of the last year served only to drive home this fact: In order to insure that your privacy is respected by the US, (and other,) governments, you must take the steps to necessary to protect yourself.

WhatsApp to Encrypt Android Conversations

WhatsApp, an Android instant messaging platform, will be implementing encryption to protect user privacy. The app was recently acquired by Facebook, which is certainly not a company that has a great reputation where protecting user privacy is concerned, but the encryption being implemented on the WhatsApp platform should make it interesting to people who don’t […]

TorGuard Launches DPI Prevention Stealth Protocol

TorGuard has launched a new protocol that’s designed to prevent deep packet inspection, DPI, on the part of your ISP. DPI can be used to block encrypted communication, effectively rendering your VPN connection useless. The new protocol allows you to use encryption to protect your privacy without your ISP being aware of the fact that […]

Free VPN Service for Swedish ISP

Bahnhof, a Swedish ISP and the July 5 Foundation, an Internet privacy advocate in the same nation, have banded together to resist Swedish government attempts to require ISPs to store data. A recent European Court of Justice ruling determined that not having your data stored by your ISP is a human right. The Swedish government […]

How Operation Onymous Was Made Possible

You may not have heard of Operation Onymous. Even if you have, you may know little about it, and that seems to be somewhat by design. This operation involved Europol and other government agencies seizing hundreds of URLs that were hosted on approximately 27 websites with hidden services, according to the Tor blog. The seizures […]