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Vpn and security related industry news

How Operation Onymous Was Made Possible

You may not have heard of Operation Onymous. Even if you have, you may know little about it, and that seems to be somewhat by design. This operation involved Europol and other government agencies seizing hundreds of URLs that were hosted on approximately 27 websites with hidden services, according to the Tor blog. The seizures […]

Microsoft OneDrive Data Sent to NSA?

If you’re interested in privacy—or even just your basic rights—abbreviations such as “TS//SI//NF” have probably become very familiar to you. A document published on Cryptome.org starts off with this classification, letting anyone authorized to see it know that they’re one of the privileged few or, at least, they were at one time. This document, dated […]

Darknet Websites Shut Down

Authorities in Europe and the US arrested a total of 17 people as part of an operation to crack down on the Darknet. Those targeted, according to official information widely disseminated in the media, were involved in websites that sold drugs and weapons. One of the sites bore the moniker Silk Road 2.0, a reference […]

Wemagin VPN or Support TOR

Wemagin VPN is a project on Kickstarter, which is designed to make using a VPN service easier for everyone. The project has kicked off some rather intense debates in the comment section, while technical questions are thrown back and forth, never answered to the questionnaire satisfaction but seemingly answer to everyone else’s satisfaction. Kickstarter comments […]

Tribler Uses Onion Network Security for Bittorrent

Downloading torrents these days is likely to get you unwelcome attention from your ISP, and they might just throttle your traffic outright when you try. The best solution to this problem right now is using a VPN, which encrypts your data. However, there is a new product coming onto the market, Tribler, that allows you […]

DarkNet Leads the Way: Part 2 Facebook on TOR

If you happen to be a privacy enthusiast, you probably don’t think of Facebook as any sort of ally in that cause. In fact, there’s a good chance you probably don’t even have a Facebook account if you are a privacy enthusiast. You might, however, find cause to feel better about using this service, as […]

The Value of Privacy and How You Can Protect It

The New York Times recently ran an excellent article on privacy that explores the concept of the term itself and what it means to human beings. The article draws on the work of sociologists and other professionals to give an idea of the real nature of privacy and how incredibly valuable it is. Unfortunately, we […]

Darknet Leads the Way Part 1: Bit Coin MultiSig

For people who want to protect their anonymity online, bitcoin has been one of the go to solutions. One of the real hazards of bitcoin, however, is that it has proven very vulnerable to being stolen and lost. MtGox and other services associated with bitcoin have either been hacked or outright lost people’s bitcoins and, […]

What the Internet Was Like Before

A new documentary from Laura Poitras called CITIZENFOUR covers the Snowden leaks. Poitras herself was contacted by Snowden, who used the title of the film as his alias. In the course of the film, Snowden reveals some of his motivations for leaking information about the massive spying operation being conducted by the NSA. He references […]

Cheaper Airline Fare with VPN and Advance Planning

If you’re planning on taking a trip, make sure you flip your VPN on when you go looking for tickets. You’ll also want to pay attention to the day of the week, as both things can save you money; sometimes, quite a bit. Know the Day According to a rather detailed bit of research done […]