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Vpn and security related industry news

VPN Popularity Rising in Australia

Citizens of the Land Down Under are encrypting their Internet traffic more and more these days. In the wake of several anti-piracy moves by their government, Australians have been subscribing to VPN services in increasing numbers, according to multiple reports. While the surge in popularity of VPN networks is noteworthy for its correlation with more […]

Using Secure Email? You Are a Terrorist

Most of us can hardly remember a time when email wasn’t one of the most common forms of communication. It’s not just how we communicate with friends; it’s one of the most important ways business gets done in the digital age. Unfortunately, according to at least one Spanish judge, it may also mean you’re a […]

Encryption Should Be Banned in the UK?

It’s no secret that governments love surveillance. The two have gone hand-in-hand since before recorded history. Unfortunately for government officials, surveillance has become more and more difficult to achieve in the digital age. One especially powerful tool in the battle for privacy has been encryption. Naturally, that means governments all over the world are hoping […]

EFF Releases Android App

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has become synonymous with protecting freedom in the digital age. Recently, they have taken their commitment a step further by producing an app for Android devices. The EFF said they couldn’t see eye-to-eye with iOS, so at the moment, it will remain an app for Android only. To be more […]

NSA Shows That Skype Is Not as Private as You Think

Millions of people have used Skype to talk face-to-face with loved ones all over the world. While Skype has many reasons for attracting users, one may have been that people felt safer using the platform. There was some sense that it was much more difficult to hack or tap like you would a traditional phone […]

Watch The Interview in North Korea with a VPN

As you probably know by now, Sony’s plans for releasing the Interview came to a screeching halt in December after what appeared to be a hack job by North Korea. Sony had just about every digital conversation any of their employees ever had leaked from both their emails and their servers. It was ugly, to […]

Avoid Gmail Blocks in China with a VPN

While China is known for being an economic superpower and the most populace country in the world, one thing it isn’t known for is its respect for freedom. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the country has recently blocked their citizens from logging into Google’s popular Gmail email platform. This shouldn’t come as […]

What We Know from the Sony Pictures Hacking

Since just about the dawn of the digital age, most people have known hacking was an issue. Some have even considered it a threat to their own cyber privacy, despite their relative insignificance in the larger scheme of things. However, the recent hack of Sony should teach us a thing or two about the realities […]

The Return of SOPA

Three years ago, the Internet was the battlefield for one of the most impressive resistant movements in recent times. With copyright and trademark enforcement as its stated goal, the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA), threatened to balkanize the Internet and potentially put access to it at risk like never before. Instead, SOPA went down in […]

Google Keeps Collecting Data and Scaring Privacy Regulators

While Google may be the most powerful company in the world, that doesn’t make them above the law. This seems to largely be the message presented by authorities in the Netherlands this month when they announced that they would be imposing a penalty on the technology giant for violating their data protection regulations. Early estimates […]