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Vpn and security related industry news

German Privacy Laws vs. Google

Germany is the latest European nation where Google’s policies regarding user information have put it in opposition to the law. This has already been an issue for the company and it centers on how the company wants to combine a variety of different Google services into one single login and, in so doing, combine many […]

COWL Could Help Prevent Web Site Based Attacks

If you keep up with Internet security, you’re probably aware of the dangers inherent when web developers include third-party scripts on their page. While the web developer for the site itself may have honorable intentions and have worked hard to create a secure site, the third-party code they use could be rife with errors or […]

DarkCoin Goes Open Source

Sometimes, the worst situations bring out the best in people. DarkCoin has done a good job of proving that by releasing their anonymous payment system as an open-source product, making it available to anyone. DarkCoin is one of the alternatives to Bitcoin, the very well known crypto currency that has become a preferred method of […]

How to Run a Tor Exit Node to Support Privacy Online

Tor, formerly a rather obscure means of protecting anonymity online, has gotten a lot of attention lately. Edward Snowden has talked about it, the NSA hates it and, for privacy advocates around the world, it is simply one of the best tools out there for protecting yourself on the Internet. Tor uses a system of […]

Is it Time to Regulate Cryptography?

Since Apple announced that it was adding improved encryption to its mobile operating system, the FBI has been engaging in a predictable round of fear mongering. The arguments, as the EFF points out, are familiar ones that anybody who pays attention to computer security has heard before. In fact, these arguments against people’s right to […]

Android vs. iPhone: Which Is Better for Privacy?

The latest front on which mobile device manufacturers are competing is security. After a major celebrity photo leak – off of Apple’s iCloud – security again became big news and Apple, as it released its iPhone 6 and OS 8, made a major pronouncement touting their commitment to user data security. There are some significant […]

Could Netflix Ban VPN Usage

Netflix is getting some heat from its Australian competition, Quickflix, over users in Australia using VPN services to access content that isn’t cleared to be delivered in Australia. This comes down to Australian entertainment companies – attached to the same large studios behind most of these issues in the US, including Universal and so forth […]

Is VyprVPN Controlled by the FBI ?

VyprVPN, an excellent VPN provider, was recently implicated in a rant posted on Cryptome.org.The accusation named VyprVPN along with Giganews, Data Foundry, several USENET providers and Golden Frog, a corporate partner of Giganews and the provider of VyprVPN as part of a massive FBI operation to harvest user data. Golden Frog, in a move that […]

Comcast Wants to Monitor You?

Comcast has once again raised the ire of users, this time because of allegations brought by some customers who claim that they were ordered to stop using the Tor Internet browser on Comcast’s broadband service. Comcast, not too surprisingly, denies the allegations, saying that users are free to use whatever browser they want on their […]

NSA Tries to Nail Yahoo for $250K per Day for Not Playing Along

PRISM is the name of the NSA surveillance program that Edward Snowden exposed to the world and that has led to very robust debates about privacy on the Internet. According to recently released documents, it appears that Yahoo put up quite a fight against the government when they came knocking and demanding that user information […]