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Test Your VPN for DNS Leaks

If you’ve just gotten or have been using a VPN service, you’re doing a good job of protecting your privacy. There’s one thing that users oftentimes fail to look for, however: a DNS leak. This is when the DNS requests from your computer are going to a server that is not secure and, thus, where you are inadvertently letting anyone spying on you know where you’re going. Here are three very easy-to-use tools that you can use to detect such issues.

VPN DNS Leak TestDNS Leak Test

This site - http://dnsleak.com/ will take a look at your DNS requests and see if you’re leaking to any servers that might not be protected. If you get a message saying that your DNS might be leaking, don’t panic. It might be that you’re connecting to a different server—such as OPEN DNS—that comes up as different from the server that you’re using with your VPN service. Just be sure that any names returned don’t belong to your ISP, because you’re likely leaking if that’s the case.

IPv6 Leak TestIPv6 Leak Test

This tool   at  http://ipv6leak.com/ checks to see if you’re connecting through an IPv6 address and whether or not it’s leaking. It’s essentially the same as the DNS Leak Test site listed above. All you have to do is go to the site and hit a button. If you’re leaking, you’ll get a report that lets you know which servers might not be secure so that you can address the issue and secure your privacy.

Email Leak Test

Email Leak TestLocated at this site http://emailipleak.com/ , this is a great tool. All you have to do is send an email to the address provided when you click on the button. Don’t worry; it’s not a spam net. Once you send it, the server will check to see if your email is leaking information. Given the amount of spying that’s going on right now, this could be a very good idea, particularly if you use your email for business purposes and need to make sure it’s secure.

No Technical Skill Required

Fixing a DNS leak is very easy, but you have to know it’s there before you can really take action. Tools such as DNSCrypt from Open DNS can route your DNS requests to an anonymous server and encrypt them on top of it, making it a lot safer to be on the Internet.

Before you assume you’re safe, cover all your bases. Do yourself a favor and visit the sites above to see if you’re really secure online.

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