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The Day We Fight Back

The Day We Fight BackA group of Internet privacy advocates, companies and others united on February 11, 2014 for The Day We Fight Back. This was an event designed to raise awareness of the NSA spying scandal and the continued surveillance of the Internet by government agencies that are operating above the rule of law and that are violating the rights of Internet users across the globe.

The Event

The event was simple, involving voluntarily redirecting sites to The Day We Fight Back site. This effort was designed to raise awareness. It was also designed to mirror the success of the protests against SOPA and PIPA. Those protests managed to black out much of the Internet, including many of the most popular sites, and were instrumental in getting those pieces of privacy-hostile legislation dropped.

This new protest wasn’t as dramatic, but it did garner a lot of interest. It’s only the beginning of what those concerned about Internet privacy and NSA spying need to do to get the Internet back, however.

snowdenThe Stakes

The NSA and other organizations, including private companies, have been increasingly intruding on the privacy of Internet users. Where private companies are concerned, Internet piracy is usually the justification used and monitoring Internet traffic for signs of piracy has become the norm, much to the chagrin of those who would prefer that private companies not be allowed to act like law enforcement agencies or, rather, like law enforcement agencies that aren’t bound by the laws regarding searching private data.

On the government side of things, the NSA was exposed—with much of that exposure thanks to Edward Snowden—as illegally gathering information on Internet users. They have compromised encryption standards, engaged in mass gathering of Internet and telephone data and have even spied on foreign allies, raising the ire of nations including Brazil and Germany.

Tor-logo-imageTaking Action

The Day We Fight Back is only one instance of what needs to be done. While this fight is ongoing, users can take action on their own to safeguard their privacy.

The TOR browser is a good solution to protecting anonymity and it’s available in a packaged version that includes a Firefox browser with all the settings required to provide the best protection that the network can offer.

A VPN can provide encryption that can obscure all network traffic from view, but be sure to check into the company’s logging policies —see our preferred VPN providers here. Where NSA intrusions are concerned, VPNs located in nations hostile or indifferent to US legal authority and that do not keep logs are best.

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