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StrongVPN Review

StrongVPN Review
Countries 22
Servers 500+
IPs 8500+
Price 10
Payment: Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin
Protocols PPTP, IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP

One of the most established names in the industry, StrongVPN has been around since 1995.

This company is headquartered in the United States. They have a good reputation where user support is concerned.
StrongVPN has 500+ VPN servers and more than 8500+ IP addresses.

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Pricing and Plans

strongvpn pricing 2015

StrongVPN offers three different packages. Each of them come with PPTP and OpenVPN access and unlimited bandwidth and speed.

  • Lite: US servers $6.25 per month
  • Special: US, CA, FR and UK servers for $6.58 per month
  • Deluxe: Full network access for $12.95 per month

StrongVPN charges you a credit each time you switch servers. There’s a warning screen on the client that reminds youof this when you make a switch. Keep this in mind if you want a service that lets you hop from nation to nation.

Free Trial/Money Back Guarantee

StrongVPN offers a seven-day money back guarantee on their service.

Privacy and Anonymity

StrongVPN does not log. From their site:

“During our normal course of duties, we do not monitor, record or store logs for any single customers VPN activity. We do not store web traffic data, including websites visited, files downloaded, etc.

We will however record the following data:

1. time, date and location vpn connection was made
2. duration of the vpn connection
3. bandwidth used during the connection

This information is regularly cycled within our servers. This information enables StrongVPN to enforce our Terms of Service, spam, crimes using the service, etc. If there is a violation we will use these trace logs to determine which account is in violation. After lengthy analysis of this data, we will terminate the service and/or take further action.”

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Torrent Policy

StrongVPN does allow torrents, but they will send you warnings and eventually cancel your account if you get DMCA notices.

Customer Support

StrongVPN has extensive information on its website. There’s a support form available, as well, and customer support is available around the clock.

Product Testing

StrongVPN Mainscreen
StrongVPN ServerSwitchCredit
StrongVPN Advancedptions
StrongVPN Log
StrongVPN Service
StrongVPN Ports

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You can hook up to StrongVPN by creating a VPN connection in your network settings or by using their client.
Their client is easy to install and there’s really no technical knowledge required to use it. When you switch servers, you’ll be notified that you’re using up credits. The screen is shown in the screenshots below.

Speed Test

StrongVPN SpeedTestBaseline

StrongVPN Baseline Speedtest

StrongVPN SpeedTest

StrongVPN Speedtest

We hooked up to a speed testing server in Washington DC from Albuquerque over a 50Mbps/5Mbps connection. As you can see from the speed test, our download and upload rates were barely effected with the VPN on. The speeds were very impressive.

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IP Check and DNSLeak

DNS did leak on StrongVPN, so it’s probably best to configure it manually. Our IP address was effectively changed, however.

Feature Summary

  • 477 servers in 22 nations
  • Applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Unlimited speed and transfers
  • 24-hour support

Countries Supported

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
Russian Federation
United Kingdom
United States

What We Liked

StrongVPN is a very well-known brand, which gives it some credibility from the start. The worldwide network and number of long-term customers also make it a compelling choice for a VPN provider.

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Areas for Improvement

The limitations on server switching make this company less competitive than it should be. Their prices aren’t remarkably lower than other providers, and putting a cost on server switching drives those prices up unnecessarily.


StrongVPN has a long history, which indicates that they’re good at what they do. Their service bears this out, and they’re a solid choice in many regards.

They’re probably not the best choice for P2P, but for privacy and security they’re very good.

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3 Comments about StrongVPN Review

  1. Steve on March 4th, 2012

    Does not provide sstp connections as it advertises. Took the techs 2 hours to get a connection.

  2. angel on March 27th, 2012

    HI I am in Shanghai and friends have said your vpn works well here. I cannot set it up as there are no downloads and everytime i try to visit your site the internet crashes. can you please help. I am using a mac. I need you to use easy terms to help me set up thanks.

  3. Dave Birks on December 30th, 2014

    used to be ok/average, now it’s a pile of crap, maybe I got the wrong guy, but he was useless, I’m in China, luckily I also have another VPN which is way more stable, to the extent I never need any tech assistance, something fundamentally wrong with the strong platform in China. renewed my subscription in Nov 2014, but next time no chance, next time I’ll try another alternative provider

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