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GeoSurf Review

GeoSurf is a combination proxy/VPN service/marketing tool for those people who have a need to target specific areas or regions for advertising campaigns, or geotargeting. The company motto is “Surf locally without being local,” and with the promises of their service you should be able to accomplish just that. Using their GeoSurf client you will be able to see your websites or advertising campaigns as if you were sitting in a home in the region you placed the website or ad in.

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GeoSurf also offers a VPN service to protect your anonymity further and has a host of other functions and features designed with the internet marketer in mind.

The client has a built in mobile emulator to let you see how the campaigns look from a mobile device and depending on your level of service you can have 80 or more cities available to you for your research.

GeoSurf Speed Test

Using their toolbar in Firefox we found that switching from one country to another happens fast. And the same can be said of just switching from one region to another. This testing was done entirely on their proxy network.

We did not test out their VPN service because it was only available to people who had purchased the enterprise plan at over $100 / month.

GeoSurf Pricing Plans/Coupons

They have 4 levels of service available for light users all the way up to corporate advertising usage licenses, so you will be able to find a package to suit the needs you have. Here they are:

  • The Starter account will put you out $29 per month  and if you pay by the year you will save $48. 100 MB of access is allowed and 1 VIP support request per month. This package has the standard features, and adds in GeoSurf plus.
  • The Basic account costs $59 per month but will allow 300 MB of access on 3 global server locations. You will get 2 VIP support requests, and if you pay annually you can save as much as $107.
  • The Advanced package will allow you up to 500 MB of access, and 2 VIP support tickets. You will have access to 5 global servers and can save as much as $214 when you pay annually. This package costs $89 per month.
  • Their Enterprise plans are customizable plans and rates can vary according to how you plan to use it. You can have access to all 80 servers,unlimited bandwidth, the VPN is available, as is mobile and Direct API access. These plans allow any number of users, and VIP support requests.

They accept all major forms of electronic payment, and have a 5 day free trial so you can see what your customers are looking at excluding the Enterprise package. It is possible to receive the free trial without a credit card number, by contacting their support team.

Their standard package includes: Select your preferred location from over 80 global locations, 1 user per account for all excepting their Enterprise package, allowed bandwidth, Toolbar for Explorer or Firefox, Geoview, mobile emulator software, and Geosurf Plus.

You will only have access to their VPN network, unlimited bandwidth, smartphone access, more than 1 user, and unlimited support by purchasing their Enterprise account.

Geosurf Plus is a feature that will allow you to check out other ad campaigns or your own and their stats. It can show you all the ad campaigns on a site the respective owners of the advertising and even the mediators involved with selling the digital real estate.

The requested site will then be added to their database and monitored if possible. You will be given a list of campaigns with their categories, landing pages, formats, and even if there is downloadable creatives commons artwork.

GeoSurf Setup / How To Use GeoSurf

There are several different varieties of GeoSurf for someone to use. The basic program consists of a toolbar add-on for Firefox or Internet Explorer and a smart phone connection.

GeoSurf Client Details

With all we had to tell you about what you would be getting for your hard-earned money, we really gave away all of the best features of the client. The toolbar worked great within Firefox, and switching from out home on the East coast of the U.S. to inspecting our sites from a Frankfurt perspective took almost no time. All the controls you will use most are on the toolbar, along with the Geosurf Plus button…here’s how that works.

While surfing the internet, to find out if a site is already being monitored by Geosurf, click the geosurf Plus button, if the site is being monitored, (and a lot are,) you will receive a report with all the information we mentioned earlier. If not, you will have the option to submit the site for monitoring, The GeoSurf team will then check and see if the site can be monitored, and if so it will be added and you will be notified of the contribution.

When used in the correct way, GeoSurf can provide internet marketers with a whole host of information, and tools, that can potentially increase an ad campaigns ROI by 200% or 300%.

GeoSurf Server Locations

While these are proxy connection and not VPN connections, we were impressed at the variety and organization of the proxy lists.  There were 64 gateways available and 25 DMA ( Designated Market Areas) available in major U.S. markets including Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and St Louis.

Some of the countries supported by proxies include : Australia, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, and the U.K. This is just a small portion from their list.

GeoSurf Protocols Supported

As we didn’t purchase their Enterprise package  we can’t say for certain as to which protocols will be available to you using their VPN service. They haven’t disclosed anything on their website about this feature except that they do enter into a binding contract of privacy with their customers.

GeoSurf vs. The Competition

We like GeoSurf however they are very expensive when compared to other providers such as HideMyAss.

Nonetheless , there is definitely a place for GeoSurf. Especially if you are an Internet or mobile marketer and you are making over 6 figures in profit a year then you might not be put off by their price.

If you are a new marketer or someone interested  then $30 / month could represent a lot of money and then we would recommend a VPN provider for under $10/ month from our best vpn service providers list.

Also if all that you need is a proxy service there are cheaper services such as proxybonaza $20 a month for 70 proxies.

Our Conclusion On GeoSurf

If you are looking for a good and cheap VPN or proxy service then GeoSurf is definitely too expensive and we recommend a service like  HideMyAss which will give you about 90% or the functionality at 33% of the price.

However for an experienced Internet marketer in the mobile space – there is currently no competition or tools that compare to GeoSurf and to get the information that Geosurf provides would take hours of research and configurations for a marketer so in this instance we highly recommended GeoSurf despite the relatively high cost.

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