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Guavi VPNCheck Pro Review

While this isn’t our normal VPN review, the services that are offered by Guavi.com are notable enough for us to feel inclusion here is warranted. VPNCheck Pro isn’t a VPN, but it will monitor your VPN client in every way to insure that all the transmissions you make and receive are secure and free from the dangers of being intercepted. There are other features of the program, like fixing those nasty DNS leaks, and closing the WPA/WPA2 backdoors and stopping the sniffers.

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Guavi’s VPNCheck Pro Speed Test

Since this is pretty much just a monitoring and alerting program there wasn’t much to test, the program didn’t slow our machines down any, either while using our VPN’s or proxies. And when we simulated a VPN crash, using our OpenVPN connection, the program stopped the three programs that were using the connection. (We only had 3 clients running on the connection due to the limitations of the trial client we downloaded.) We used a recent version of the software suite Backtrack 4 to do a little sniffing and got nowhere with this although we didn’t work at cracking the system too hard.

Guavi’s VPNCheck Pro Pricing Plans/Coupons

This software will cost you around $30. There is a free trial basis that will last for 14days, and they do have an unconditional money back guarantee if the need arises. Tech support comes in the form of support tickets and e-mail, but our questions were correctly answered in a couple of hours. In the free trial version most of the features are limited, and a couple eliminated, nut with the trial version you can get a feel for the program.

Guavi’s VPNCheck Pro Setup / How To Use Guavi’s VPNCheck Pro

The installer package for the trial version downloaded fast, as it is pretty small, and installation on our Windows XP/SP3 machine went without any problems at all. We were a little disappointed to see no uninstaller with the program. The configuration of the program is also fairly easy with most of the controls being automatic, there is an autostart option and you can instruct the client how often to check your VPN connection for disruption.

Guavi’s VPNCheck Pro vs. Trial Client Details

When you first check out the VPNCheck trial you should be informed of the differences and features that will be limited or disabled. The program has a lot of functionality in the full version which will be limited, and you don’t want to be thinking you are protected when you aren’t. Features of the full version are:

  • Auto Log In for OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP protocols.
  • DNS leaks have been fixed.
  • Close and Autorun options for any number of programs and clients you may need.
  • Virtualization in VMWare and VirtualBox is supported.
  • VPN offline notification and detection of IP changes locally
  • Wifi backdoors, (WPA/WPA2,) secured, monitors for other various phishing methods, also.
  • It will remind you to create new computer ID’s or do it automatically.

Trial Version Limitations:

  • Auto Log In only works for OpenVPN.
  • No DNS leak fixes applied.
  • Only 3 programs supported at one time.
  • WPA/WPA2 security not monitored, nor are the various phishing methods mentioned before.
  • No reminder or Auto-creation of new computer ID’s.

Guavi’s VPNCheck Pro Protocols Supported

The client will keep you protected for OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP security protocols. We used it with HideMyAss Pro VPN while surfing Usenet and had no incidents of error or issue. We did simulate a disconnect or crash at one point of the VPN connection and the program responded predictably and stopped our “sensitive” information from flowing. Once we had reconnect it started the ball rolling once again as promised.

Guavi’s VPNCheck Pro vs. The Competition

There are not many monitoring programs out there tailored with VPN connections in mind, and this one adds a little security functionality beyond just the VPN client. The additional security measures taken for the Wifi connections, and computer ID’s, also place this one in a class all by itself, or at the very least, with very few competitors.

Guavi’s VPNCheck Pro Errors

As of this point we haven’t had any problems with the program. And our test question was answered in short order, so they get a thumbs up on that one too. We have only checked it out on our XP Dell though so far, so we cannot say as to how it works with other flavors of Oses, but there are versions for all Windows XP and newer, and Linux. We couldn’t find a version for Mac.

Conclusion On Guavi’s VPNCheck Pro

If you have ever looked up from your work and realized that your VPN hadn’t been connected for a while, or hate the hassle of restarting everything all over because your connection crashed, then this program may be for you. The extra security that comes with the full version would be enough to entice us to at least consider the program. If you use a VPN a lot it could be worth your time to check this one out as its a one time charge not a recurring fee.

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