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Purchase VPN Anonymously with Bitcoin

The biggest privacy flaw in how people purchase VPN service is usually their credit card transaction. Most VPN providers will allow you to set up an auto-renewing account with a credit card or PayPal but both of those types of transaction are easy to trace. If you want to purchase VPN service and want to make sure that the purchase is as untraceable as possible, Bitcoin is the way to go at present. This service is more than meets the eye.

It’s Currency

Bitcoin is a form of Internet currency. Like regular currency, it’s almost impossible to trace where and how it’s been spent. There is a sophisticated system of encryption that prevents the currency from being traced to any particular buyer or seller. There is also an entire network set up that allows you to purchase this currency.

The Silk Road

The original Silk Road was a major trade route. Today’s Silk Road—spelled “Silkroad”—is a network set up over the TOR system that allows people to buy and sell Bitcoins. You’ll have to log onto the service using the TOR network; you cannot otherwise. The system is set up so that you can make purchases of Bitcoins and purchase items with Bitcoins without being traced or tracked.


There are services that allow you to purchase Bitcoins for cash right through the mail. The two that seem the most reliable at the moment are Bitcoin 4 Cash and Bitcoin 2 Cash. These services and any like them always have to be checked into before you make a transaction, however, even if you’ve used them before.

Meeting Locally

You can meet people locally and exchange Bitcoins for cash. There are sites that will match you up with Bitcoin sellers, including BTC Near Me and Bitcoin.Local. If you just want to take care of the transaction the old fashioned way, this is the way to do it.

Is it Really Anonymous?

There are ways that someone could theoretically track a Bitcoin transaction, but they are very difficult. There are so many different ways that you can conceal the transaction, however, that you can layer method upon method to make it as untraceable as possible.

Bitcoins are great ways to buy VPN services without being traced. Remember to ask the provider if they accept them first, however. Not all VPN providers will take this method of payment, though the number that do is steadily increasing.

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