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PureVPN Keeps Holiday Offer and Offers a Free App for Android Users

PureVPN Free App for Android UsersPureVPN offered a great deal over the holidays, with 65% off their normal prices. They’ve decided to keep those prices for their 12-month plan, making it the gift that keeps on giving.

The normal prices for their 1- and 6-month packages have been reinstated. User demand, however, motivated PureVPN to keep the 12-month discount in effect, so you can still take advantage of it if you want to subscribe for a year. This offers you a full-fledged VPN service with plenty of servers for $4.16 per month, which is a great deal, to be sure.

The prices are 1-month for $11.95 and, for 6 months, $44.95. For $5 more than the 6-month plan, you can get a full year, making this an excellent deal and a good way to get started, or continue, with VPN service.

Click here for PureVPN Holiday Offer

Android App is Free

There’s a beta version of the Android app for PureVPN that’s available free to users. It has all the security that the service offers for you desktop, with 700MB of download per month. On a mobile device, that’s a huge amount of download bandwidth; certainly enough to keep you safe when you’re using public networks to check email or perform other tasks. -Read full review of PureVPN here.

The features on the Android app make it a lot easier to secure your mobile device. It’s a one-click app, so there’s no real technical skill needed to work it. You can access servers in the US, in the Netherlands and in Sweden. You can even get ahold of support via tickets or chat any time of the day or night.

The Android app is more than a convenience. With so many hackers using mobile devices as ways to get ahold of identity-theft information or just to spy, securing them is more important than ever. A VPN connection encrypts everything coming to or going out from your phone, so you’ll have plenty of security, even when you’re on the go. You can see the list of Leading VPN Providers here.

Between a free Android app and 12-months at a vastly reduced price, kudos to PureVPN for upping the ante where service and value are concerned.

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