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PureVPN Now Offers NAT Firewall and Internet Kill Switch

purevpn logo1PureVPN has added two features to its service. You can get access to both of them by downloading the new client from the company. One of them is rather technical and the other is very easy to understand. The first one, however, involves some tech that anyone interested in using a VPN should understand.

The NAT Firewall

If you use a VPN, you’re aware of the fact that your Internet and other network traffic is routed through the VPN service’s servers. This is the “tunnel” that allows you to browse the Internet and use other network services safely.

PureVPN NAT FirewallYour computer likely has a firewall built into it, but the firewall doesn’t work in the same fashion as normal when you’re routed through a VPN server. The encryption that the VPN provides to protect your traffic also prevents that traffic from being read by the firewall. This could allow dangerous requests to get through to your computer.

The NAT firewall protects your computer by adding a firewall to the VPN. This ensures that all of the traffic is filtered through a firewall, offering a greater degree of privacy protection. This is a great add-on to the service and certainly something to take a look at if you’re interested in the best possible privacy and security protection.

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The Internet Kill Switch

The Internet Kill Switch can also be thought of as a sort of dead-man’s switch for the Internet. If the VPN connection is broken for some reason, your Internet connection also shuts down. This has some very important privacy implications.

PureVPN Internet Kill SwitchISPs and governments sometimes filter through information. ISPs will also sometimes throttle bandwidth for specific types of traffic, such as encrypted traffic. Of course, hackers are always looking for a way to get this information, as well.

An Internet kill switch ensures that, if your encryption goes down, your Internet traffic is halted. This can prevent your devices from sending private information out over a network that anyone could intercept and read. On a public Wi-Fi, for instance, having your VPN connection broken means that anyone with the right tools and know-how can see what you’re sending and receiving over the network.

Take a look at these two new tools from PureVPN. As the ways that hackers and other entities spy on people’s Internet communications become more sophisticated, it’s likely that there will be more tools like these added to VPN services to make them safer to use and more reliable. -read full review of  PureVPN here.

Even if you don’t fully understand the NAT firewall, it’s worth downloading and using. If the technical aspects leave you vexed, you’ll still benefit from just having it available and turning it on.

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