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1VPN Review

1VPN offers a product that should be of great interest to those who use a VPN connection on their mobile devices. The 1VPN service allows you to connect to your VPN without the usual hassles that go along with using a VPN on a mobile devices.

Because of this, it should be possible for users to get a secure connection wherever they are with nothing more than pressing a few buttons or, in the majority of cases, by simply pressing one button to connect to your VPN provider.

Here is a quick break down of what 1VPN is all about.

1VPN Software Summary

  • Makes using a VPN on the android OS very easy
  • Enables a one click VPN connection instead of the standard multistep process.
  • Easy to configure. Supports PPTP, L2TP and L2TP/IPSec CRT.
  • Nice Looking Interface displays the connection status of your VPN.
  • You can enable the Automatic reconnect to make sure you stay connected.

1VPN Free Trial

1VPN comes in a trial version that you can download for free. The full version provides you with excellent protection. The features are mostly conveniences, but, because of those conveniences, you’ll be more likely to use your VPN service on your mobile device and that means very real benefits. The VPN service, of course, allows you to surf the Internet in anonymity, which is important enough as it is. On a mobile device, however, there are other significant advantages that you should be aware of.

Most coffee shops and bookstores have wireless connections available that you can hook up to for no charge. These are great for when you want to relax a bit at the establishment, but they’re also very risky as far as security is concerned. To avoid ending up in a bad situation, you can use a VPN that will encrypt your traffic and prevent people from being able to spy on what you’re sending and receiving online.

This encryption feature can prevent you from being hacked by other people at the coffee shop who may be monitoring traffic on devices such as packet sniffers and other tools that allow them to see what you’re looking at and, potentially, to intercept passwords and other credentials in transit.

Protocols Supported

The 1VPN service currently supports all of the built in VPN protocols which are for Android : PPTP and L2TP with all of its permutations.

Unfortunately OpenVPN is not supported but in our testing L2TP did a great job with our test provider IPVanish.

1VPN Problems / Error Messages

According to their website. 1VPN can experience problems with the Samsung Galaxy phones.

Here is what they say “The firmware for Galaxy devices starting with Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) have an incompatibility problem with 1 VPN. The problem is fixed, but the fix may need to be enabled manually.”

We actually ran our tests on a Samsung Galaxy Version Android 2.3.3 and ran into no problems.

1VPN Recommendation / Conclusion

We highly recommend 1VPN if you want to use a VPN on your android phone. With 1VPN you can easily enable any VPN service on your cell phone for just a few dollars. Also it’s worth visiting the software manufacturer’s website because they have some interesting and related software there also.

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