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Jumping Over the Great Firewall of China

Chinese Flag The great firewall of China is used to describe the use of proxies and other methods by the Chinese government to censor websites that the government deems to be subversive or radical and those sites which counters the philosophy of the government.

However, many agree that this is just a measure of gaggling free press and freedom of expression if pages and information from major news sites like the BBC and sites that concern information and views on the Dalia lama and the government of Taiwan.

Because of these reasons, some visitors in China may even find it difficult to consult programs and news from sites that they have been accustomed to using. This is especially critical for journalists or business men that may be used to using a particular service to keep in touch and to inform themselves on current trends.

Therefore if you are going to be visiting china, it is best to take a VPN subscription otherwise you might be in for a great shock when you are unable to connect to your services.
How does VPN help you to scale the great firewall?

Going over the great firewall is child’s play with a good VPN connection. This is because most of the censorship is operated through proxies and identifications of locations by IP addresses. Since the VPN servers can give you a different IP address and hide your private address, you will be able to surf freely as if you where in another location.

Other important advantages of a VPN Connection: Security

Computer Hackers

Stay Safe From Hackers With a VPN

While getting over the great firewall will enable you to get access to the sites that you need to visit, get informed and contribute to, you will still want to make sure that during the passage of your information through cyberspace your information will not be intercepted and the information that you are sending over will not be private anymore.

It may have serious repercussions if it has business or political information and you don’t want this to get into the hands of the wrong person. VPN technology offers a way of making this secure. It does this by providing tunneling. This means creating a passage that only your information can pass through, and this passage connects you to the other person you are connecting to using a password and identification.

Moreover, it also provides encryption technology that encrypts all the data that is transferred making sure that it cannot be decrypted unless the person provides the actual decryption keys.
Top VPN Providers you can choose from

In order to get VPN access, you need to get a good VPN provider and subscribe for their service. Many providers will give you a trial period so you can test their service before signing up. However here is a list of the best VPN providers with their pricing structures;

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StrongVPN: from $4.58/month

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