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Sabai Technology Review

Sabai Technology offers routers that are set up to work with some of the most popular VPN services out there. These routers are designed to provide you with an extra element of security, particularly if you’re not too tech savvy and you want to make certain that you have everything on your network set up for maximum privacy. The products come in various bundles and they happen to work with some of our favorite VPN providers.


Sabai Technology offers routers from some of the most well-known manufacturers. They include routers from Linksys, Asus and Ubiquiti. What this service offers goes far beyond equipment, however. Essentially, it allows you to utilize the VPN services that you pay for like a pro.

How it Works

Sabai Technology provides you with a router that is already configured to work with specific VPN services. Their routers support both OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. Using their accelerator package allows you to access the Internet over an L2TP VPN connection. All the user has to do is plug the router in and set it up as the router for their local network. The router allows you to share your VPN connection with all of the different devices you have attached to your network. This eliminates the need to, for example, set up a VPN connection on your iPad, your desktop computer and your smart phone separately.

The technology also allows you to specify whether a device uses the VPN connection or whether it uses the local connection. You may, for example, do your banking and other sensitive activities on your desktop computer and use your iPad for watching movies, which may necessitate getting around geo-restrictions. Your smart phone, on the other hand, may not use its Internet connection for anything particularly sensitive. You could, using this technology, set up the router so that your iPad and your desktop computer use the VPN connection, while your smart phone stays on the local network and accesses the Internet in the normal fashion.

Services Supported

Hide My Ass and Overplay are among the VPN providers that Sabai Technology supports. You can also manually set up your router using DDWRT, if you prefer to do it that way.

If you’re looking for a very easy way to get the most out of your VPN network, you may want to take a look at what this provider has to offer. Especially for those who know they need a VPN but aren’t sure exactly how to set it up, the technical support offered by Sabai Technology and the easy integration of some of our favorite VPN providers will be real benefits.

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