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HMA Holiday Sale 2013

HideMyAssDonkey2013HMA has a great holiday sale going on until the 1st of January. If you’re looking for VPN service, this is among the best providers out there and they’re offering some great deals on their products that are worth taking a look at.

The Sale

Right now, you can take advantage of the following holiday pricing specials. All VPN accounts through HMA are unlimited, so don’t worry about monitoring your bandwidth.

  • 1 month: Normal price is $11.52, you pay $9.99 for a 13% savings
  • 6 month: Normal price is $69.12, you pay $39.99 for a $6.55 per month reduction, a 42% savings
  • 12 month: Normal price is $138.24, you pay $59.99 for a $4.99 per month reduction, a 56% savings

The 12-month deal is the best. Because Internet privacy is so hard to guarantee these days, having a VPN service to keep you safe is a great way to start out the new year.

Click here for HideMyAss Holiday Sale

Why HMA Is Good

HMA is an outstanding option among VPN providers. They have the highest number of servers and the widest selection of countries available, making them great for people who need to be able to access the Internet from a range of different nations. – see full review of HideMyAss here

The company also recently put out their iOS app, which allows you to take advantage of that unlimited bandwidth by protecting your mobile device. This is a growing need among users and, because mobile devices are oftentimes used on public networks, it’s great to extend your protection to cover them.

HMA has an easy to use client with an excellent interface and their network is fast and reliable.

Check it Out

If you need a VPN service, this pricing deal makes HMA a good option. They’ve constantly expanded their network, brought innovative and forward-thinking people on board with their company and take customer service seriously. They’re also committed to protecting their user’s privacy as much as they can within the law, so you have someone who is on your side as far as making sure that you get to enjoy the Internet unfettered by prying eyes.

Take a look at the offer and HMA and you might find the best holiday deal out there. With a 12-month VPN subscription, this really is the gift that keeps on giving for the rest of the year and you’ll be glad you got it when you feel what it’s like to surf the net with good security.

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