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IPVanish Launches Improvements

IPVanish December 2013IPVanish has updated its software and made some improvements to its network. The company has added several new servers to its network recently and, as part of the recently announced improvements, it has added yet another.

New Servers

The 7th new server added this month is in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company has been adding servers at a furious pace lately, and the new locations include Mexico, the US, Canada, France, New Zealand and Hungary. They are a very large network and continue to expand upon that.

The other improvements have to do with their client.

Software Updates

IPVanish has changed their client so that it defaults to OpenVPN security. Users formerly had to change to this in their preferences, but OpenVPN is what you get if you just hook up and don’t change anything now. It’s arguably the best protocol up there and, for most users, the balance between very light system resources consumption and exceptionally tight security make OpenVPN the best choice, now it’s the default, as well.

Some errors have been taken care of, including ones caused by failed connections and issues with anti-virus software.

If you want to make sure you’re connected, you can just mouse over the icon in the task bar to find out.

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One small, but significant, improvement is that clicking on the “X” button on the IPVanish app no longer closes the app entirely. It just sends it to the taskbar, preventing accidental disconnects.

The improvements apply to the Windows client, currently in version the client makes it easy to hook up to the IPVanish network, which currently has more than 105 servers located across 46 different nations.

The client is free with the IPVanish service and current customers can update their whenever they’d like.

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