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IPVanish’s No Logging Policy Gets Even Better

VPN best logging policyThe best logging policy for any VPN provider is no logging at all and IPVanish has always had such a policy. A new ruling by the European Court of Justice has upheld the same kind of principles that IPVanish adheres to and bodes well for those who are concerned about the ISP logging their activities.

First, the Ruling

The European Court of Justice ruled that the Data Retention Directive that was in effect in Europe is too much of a violation of user privacy to be allowed to continue. This means better protection for privacy in Europe and that telecom providers are no longer required to log and store user information, including their IP addresses.

Individual member states will have to change their laws to conform to the ruling. The case was begun by Digital Rights Ireland and resulted in the Data Directive being fully overturned. The court found that the law was out of proportion. While it was billed as something that could be used to fight crime, it was also being used by third-party nations to get information about piracy.

For VPN providers, this means that they are no longer required to log user information, allowing them to offer a better service. Some VPN providers have already stated that they’re wiping out all user information in light of the ruling.

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This seriously narrows the ability of governments and ISPs—and antipiracy groups—to get user data and use it for whatever purposes they see fit.

IPVanish has also struck a significant blow for user privacy.

ipvanishnewIPVanish Ups the Standards

IPVanish never logged. They provided 14,000+ IP addresses on an expansive network and never logged user data. It was always part of their policy. They just made that policy better.

IPVanish has now gone so far as to even get rid of service records used for customer service issues. They never stored user logs at all, but now they’re adding to that policy that they won’t record any connection data at all, even when using it for server troubleshooting purposes.

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You can read the Privacy Policy for IPVanish here. The company does subscribers and potential subscribers the service of putting this all in plain language, so you can be sure that you’re reading what you think you’re reading and aren’t led astray by legalese.

Kudos to IPVanish for this. The company has always been great on privacy, and they just got even better.

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