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LiquidVPN Under Pressure to Log with US Providers

LiquidVPN unable to Log with US ProvidersLiquidVPN suffered a DDOS attack and pressure to log on their USA South network. That server was apparently used for an attack on Bank of America and for other uses that prompted abuse complaints, forcing the company to start logging.

LiquidVPN, however, said that they will never enable blanket logging on their servers. Some users trying to hook up to USA South may experience issues due to the replication database being corrupted by the attacks, but the issue can be fixed by opening a ticket and getting support from the company.

The company was pressured to engage in logging after being threatened with having the entire network taken down. Users of the LiquidVPN service will receive an email notice when logging on this particular network is ended.

Understanding the Company’s Perspective

It is entirely unrealistic to expect a US-based company to provide protection if you’re engaging in illegal activities over their network. Users cannot expect a provider to take legal risks with their entire company to protect someone who decides to launch an attack against a network. Launching an attack against Bank of America over this network was the work of one user, who essentially led to the network being logged and, in some cases, making it unavailable for other users. The company got more than 50 abuse complaints during the episode.

LiquidVPN, in this case, deserves credit for being honest with their users. They not only informed them about the logging, but made sure that there is a system in place to let users know when the logging has been shut down. This should provide users with all they need in terms of finding out the state of the network.

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VPNs are privacy enhancing tools, but using them for illegal activity is not something that any provider allows in their terms of service. Kudos for LiquidVPN for keeping all this above the board and, remember, VPN providers are there to help you protect yourself against unauthorized intrusions into or monitoring of your Internet activity -see our list of leading VPN providers here. They are not set up to be accomplices in crimes and cannot be expected to allow such activities on their networks.

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