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VyprVPN Offers New Auto Connect Feature

VyprVPN has an auto connect feature that users of the service should be taking advantage of. It’s particularly useful for those who are using their VPN connection to protect their privacy while they’re out and about and using a mobile device.

VyprVPN Auto Connect FeatureHow It Works

The idea is simple. One of the biggest security vulnerabilities occurs when users connect to an unknown Wi-Fi connection. They may simply forget to turn on their VPN, meaning that their traffic is being broadcasted in a way that anyone with the know-how can intercept and read.

To help combat that, the new automatic connection options in the VyprVPN client, which is available for Android, iOS and Mac, hooks up to the VPN network automatically.

You have the option of setting the client up so that it will automatically connect when your device connects to an unknown Wi-Fi or a cellular network. There is also an auto start option that allows you to hook up to the VPN automatically when you start an app or when your device starts.

VyprVPN Adds New Servers for JulyThe new app feature reconnects automatically if your VPN connection drops, which is another big plus.

Unfortunately, iOS has restrictions that prevent VyprVPN from offering the automatic connect feature on that particular mobile OS. If you’re disappointed in that, you may want to consider writing Apple and telling them about your displeasure with the restriction, which does eliminate a very good privacy option that users of any other operating system now enjoy with the new VyprVPN client.

The new client is version 2.3. You can download it from the VyprVPN site. If you have a desktop version of the application, it will notify you that an update is available and you can download and install it automatically.

The Service

VyprVPN is one of our top providers. They offer PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN connections. L2TP works with any mobile device at present and provides very good security. PPTP is generally not recommended for anything very sensitive, as it’s not entirely secure, but it offers better performance than L2TP where processor usage is concerned. VyprVPN also offers their own protocol, Chameleon.

Most good VPN providers are offering mobile apps these days. If yours doesn’t, you can hook a mobile device up to a VPN connection manually, which offers the same protection, but which is a bit less convenient than using an automatic client. -read full review of VyprVPN provider here.

The new VyprVPN client feature is a good one. It’s a simple addition to the app that provides a big security upgrade.

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